Watch: Can a YouTuber find a bride? My Village Show takes on obsession with govt jobs

The recent episode on the popular YouTube channel shows how people are obsessed with government jobs and dowry.
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While millennials are exploring unconventional jobs, many parents seem to be stuck in the past still. The older generation is especially convinced that when it comes to marriage, only certain kinds of jobs can be considered desirable. Not only is it important to have a job, it's even more necessary to have a government job if a man wants to find a suitable woman for marriage, they feel. Or at least, that's the premise of a recent episode on Telugu YouTube channel My Village Show. 

Known to produce satirical content in the Telangana dialect on contemporary and social issues, this episode by the channel is on 'Pellichupulu' (matchmaking). 

The episode, which is nearly 13 minutes long, shows how people are obsessed with government jobs and dowry, and easily reject anyone who takes up unconventional careers. In this case, the groom, Anil, is a YouTuber.

A brief interaction between Anil and his othodox grandmother (Saravva) prompts him to enter the matchmaking market to obtain a bride for himself as per his parents' wish. While Anil wants another YouTuber, his grandmother wants him to get someone of the same caste. As Anil decides to go to a village in Jagtial for matchmaking, he asks his friend Shiva, who is a government employee, to accompany him. Meanwhile, the bride's family -- Gangavva and her grandson Raju -- prepare for the matchmaking.

What follows is a hilarious and exaggerated account of the bride-seeing, the kind of questions that are asked and the negotiations that happen. Anil's unconventional occupation adds to the confusion. What's even more funny is that the bride is not aware that the matchmaking is in progress. 

Sriram Srikanth, one of the directors and the scriptwriter of the episode, told TNM that the show was inspired by a few experiences of their team members.  "We chose this subject,as it is a very normal practice in villages, and we can subtly bring in serious issues with humour," he said. 


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