Is there a rule PM can't be criticised? KCR lashes out at BJP and Nirmala

"I said gariki (a respectful way of addressing), which has been twisted as gadiki," KCR said.
Is there a rule PM can't be criticised? KCR lashes out at BJP and Nirmala
Is there a rule PM can't be criticised? KCR lashes out at BJP and Nirmala
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Strongly hitting out at the Telangana BJP, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Saturday condemned the allegations levelled by the saffron party that he had disrespected Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Stating that he did not disrespect the PM nor made any personal remarks against him in the Karimnagar meeting, KCR said, “The allegations are 100% false.”

“I said gariki (a respectful way of addressing a person), which has been twisted as gadiki. I even checked the transcripts later and found that I didn’t say gadiki. It is up to them if they wish to belittle the Prime Minister.”

“I stick by my words. I have said vaadu veedu on two occassions, but they were not against Modi, but at Andhra leaders,” he clarified, in a press conference held at Pragathi Bhavan.

Further warning the state BJP leaders, he said, “I strongly condemn the allegations. The BJP leaders should be mindful of their words," he said.

“A few are saying that the Prime Minister should not be criticized. Is there a rule that the PM cannot be criticized. This is democracy and anyone criticize anyone if they do anything wrong. Is this Thanashahi (dictatorial rule)?” KCR asked.

Particularly responding to a threat by a BJP leader, who said that KCR will soon go to jail, an agitated KCR said, “What sort of politics is this? We have committed no scams to be threatened. There is nothing to threaten us. We won’t be intimidated by your threats, KCR won’t…,” said an angry KCR.

The CM also slammed Minister of Defence Nirmala Sitaraman, who objected to KCR’s alleged personal remarks against Narendra Modi.

“Nirmala Sitaraman is saying that they will closely watch Telangana from now on. Who objected to it?,” he ridiculed.  

Taking a jibe at BJP state president Dr K Laxman, he said, “Is there BJP in Telangana? We won’t even consider them a major party. We take them as a joke. We have seen their performance in the GHMC elections,” he mocked.

The CM also slammed the Congress and said that Congress leaders are frustrated and have lost their mental balance. He challenged that no matter how many circus feats the Congress party does they won't even win more than 10 seats in the 2019 general elections.

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