The twists and turns in the saga of Hyderabad’s ‘Viral Kumari aunty’s eatery’

People throng Kumari aunty’s stall mostly for her delicious chicken and mutton curry. Her popular line of ‘two livers extra’ has also turned into a meme material of sorts on Telugu social media.
Kumari aunty
Kumari aunty
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For hundreds of IT employees and the working class who earn a livelihood in and around the bustling street in Hyderabad’s Madhapur near ITC Kohenur, Kumari aunty’s roadside food stall, which serves mouth-watering meals along with an array of meat curries, was the go-to spot to satisfy their midday hunger pangs. Stories about this little stall and the yummy food spread across Hyderabad, so much so that Kumari aunty became a favourite of food vloggers and influencers, earning her the name ‘viral Kumari aunty’.

But things took an unexpected turn on Tuesday, January 30 when the Raidurgam traffic police asked Kumari to close the stall as commuters in the IT stretch were complaining about the heavy traffic blocks that were a result of her ever-growing popularity. This is also seen as a move by the authorities to regulate traffic in the city’s IT corridor. 

As per reports, the Raidurgam police asked Kumari to shut her stall for a week and also requested her to reach out to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) authorities to find a more suitable location for her stall. Speaking about the incident, one of the officials from the Raidurgam police station alleged that Kumari did not have permission to run the stall. “The stall is situated on the footpath and many YouTubers visit the place to record videos, which is causing major congestion in this particular stretch,” the police official told The New Indian Express. 

Following this, an upset Kumari aunty asked mediapersons what they can do to help her in this situation. “It was the media that made me popular and helped attract such huge crowds. How can you ensure justice now that I’m at risk of losing my livelihood?” she asked mediapersons. “I’ve requested everyone who came to shoot my videos to ensure that traffic isn’t obstructed. It’s not just me, there are many people doing business here all day. I only run my stall for a couple of hours. Why am I being singled out?” she asked.

When news of the stall being asked to shut came out, several of her loyal fans took to social media urging authorities to reconsider their action. The overwhelming support was also seen on X, where #KumariAunty was trending in the Hyderabad region on January 30. 

The next day, in what would come as a relief for Kumari aunty’s fans, Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy is reported to have stepped in and directed the DGP and the Urban Development Ministry to revoke their decision. As per reports, the CM has asked the police to ensure that the stall remains at its current location, which he is also expected to visit.

People throng Kumari aunty’s stall mostly for her delectable chicken and mutton curry, which is a huge hit among her customers. Her popular line of ‘two livers extra’ has also turned into a meme material of sorts among Telugu social media users.

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