Telangana Muslim JAC to support Congress, says BRS didn’t fulfil minority demands

The Muslim Joint Action Committee said that the BRS had broken its promises to Muslims and that its alleged political ties to the BJP had led to opposition from the community.
Telangana Muslim JAC to support Congress, says BRS didn’t fulfil minority demands
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The Joint Action Committee (JAC) of Muslim organisations in Telangana has announced their support for the Congress party in the 2023 Assembly elections. In a press release on Tuesday, November 21, the JAC stated that the decision was taken in response to the Muslim community's discontent with the ruling Bharat Rashtra Samithi’s (BRS) unfulfilled promises. The JAC accused the BRS government of ignoring its obligations to Muslims because of its political pact with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). 

The JAC, which was established two years ago, published a Muslim Declaration in three languages on July 9, 2023, including a list of 22 demands meant to promote the development and growth of the Muslim community. The Muslim Declaration was released by civil rights activist Professor G Haragopal and the late managing editor of Siasat Urdu magazine, Zahiruddin Ali Khan.

"The JAC released the Telangana Muslim Declaration, which highlights the importance of fulfilling the commitments made to the Muslim community. The BRS made no attempt at all to get in contact with the Muslim JAC delegates. The manifesto, which was released subsequent to the elections, fails to address the demands put forth by the Muslim JAC. Reservation of 12% to minorities is also being overlooked,” the press release said. 

“The discontent has intensified due to the political understanding of the state government with the BJP, which has introduced controversial policies, such as the implementation of citizenship regulations like the NRC and CAA, which faced strong opposition and protests from the Muslim community nationwide,” the JAC stated. It also slammed the AIMIM for establishing an alliance with the BRS. 

The JAC announced that it decided to support the Congress party after receiving an invitation from the Minority Declaration Drafting Committee of the Congress Party. "The major demands and objectives of the JAC were carefully considered, and eight major demands — including the Minority Sub plan — were incorporated into the Congress minority manifesto,” the JAC said, adding that all of its district leaders reached a consensus and offered support. 

In addition, the Muslim JAC declared that it would only support the Congress in the May 2024 parliamentary election if it “proves its integrity” within six months of establishment of the government.

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