Telangana elections: BJP to distribute 1 lakh cows per year if voted to power

The scheme will be part of BJP's manifesto which is scheduled to release sometime this week.
Telangana elections: BJP to distribute 1 lakh cows per year if voted to power
Telangana elections: BJP to distribute 1 lakh cows per year if voted to power
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The Bharatiya Janata Party in Telangana in its manifesto for the upcoming Assembly Elections is likely to promise free distribution of over 1 lakh cows across the state. The scheme will be part of BJP manifesto scheduled to sometime this week.

“Cow is helpful for agriculture, medicine as well as the rural economy and is a sacred animal. Those interested in cow rearing can get one under this scheme,” said NVSS Prabhakar, the BJP manifesto committee chairman, speaking to TNM on Sunday.

The party intends to create a portal where one can register if they want a cow.

“Those interested - farmers, citizens or well-wishers - will be given a cow. In every district, we will give away 3,000 cows. These cows will be given only on auspicious days,” he added.

When asked how these cows will be procured and how fodder will be made available for the cows, the BJP leader said, “Different sources are there to arrange for the cows. We can get them from other states. Those who are interested and rearing the cows can avail the scheme and then the individual will have to take care of the fodder,” said Prabhakar.

The TRS government had also launched a cattle distribution scheme in 2017 which was aimed at improving milk production in the state. Under that scheme, a 50% subsidy was given to 2 lakh dairy farmers in the state who wished to buy buffaloes.

The BJP is also likely to promise to bring the VAT charged by the state – 32% for petrol and 27% for diesel – down to “0%” in its manifesto.

“The present VAT rate being charged in Telangana is very high, so we have decided to write off VAT totally. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already asked all states to reduce VAT on fuel. We took this decision keeping his plea in mind,” the BJP leader told TNM.

“When people in other states can get fuel for cheaper rates why should people in Telangana alone suffer? We will mobilise state treasury to find other revenue generation sources - human resources, natural resources and some other development resources. There are other options that we can explore,” he added.

The party has also come up with sops to attract urban voters in Hyderabad, Karimnagar and Warangal by charging just Rs 6 per month per household for the supply of potable water, he said.

“We have decided to supply potable water at Rs 6 per month per household across the state. At present people pay high amounts and the water bill of a household goes up to Rs 250-Rs 300. When the Delhi government (ruled by Aam Aadmi Party) can do it, why can't Telangana?” said the BJP leader.  

The BJP also hopes to provide 1 lakh jobs to fill government vacancies within three months of coming to power. They also intend to cancel surcharges presently levied on commuters by TSRTC buses for trips undertaken during festivals, Prabhakar said. The party also intends to woo TSRTC employees by ensuring that a portion of the corporation's profits goes to the employees, he said.

The BJP also intends to constitute a “task force” to protect the lands owned by the Waqf Board and other religious institutions once they come to power. They also intend to phase out older autos and buses by giving the owners new pollution-free vehicles, the leader said.

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