Telangana: BRS demands investigation into NEET row

BRS Working President KT Rama Rao criticised Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan for attempting to cover up the issue by claiming everything was in order.
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Slamming the Union government over its handling of the NEET exam, Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) Working President KT Rama Rao on Sunday, June 15 demanded a thorough investigation into the incident. He said the confusion surrounding the examination has dashed the hopes of students and parents who dream of seeing their children become doctors.

He condemned the Union government for its inaction despite reports that NEET question papers were sold in Bihar for up to 30 lakh each, with several arrests already made. He accused the Union government of neglecting its responsibility and adopting a lackadaisical attitude towards the NEET entrance exam from the start.

KTR said that despite numerous allegations and suspicions surrounding the prestigious NEET exam, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government has not yet responded, which he found unacceptable. 

He questioned why the Prime Minister, who frequently holds discussions with students about exams, has remained silent on the critical issue of NEET.

In his open letter to the NDA government, KTR demanded a thorough investigation into the entire matter and strict action against those found responsible. He also called for reassurance to be given to students and their parents.

KTR highlighted the unprecedented scenario of 67 students achieving the first rank in NEET, which raised numerous suspicions. He noted that eight students from the same centre scored 720 marks each, suggesting a significant level of paper leakage. 

He reminded that even a single mark difference can change students' rankings and result in many losing opportunities.

KTR questioned how so many students from one centre could score such high marks and criticised the announcement of results 10 days early, coinciding with the election results day, which added to the suspicion.

He demanded an explanation from the Union government for not taking action despite the gravity of the situation coming to light. 

He also criticised Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan for attempting to cover up the issue by claiming everything was in order. The BRS leader emphasised that despite numerous complaints from students, the Union government has not responded. 

Even prominent individuals filing cases in the Supreme Court did not prompt a clarification from the Union government. 

He expressed surprise that the Union government ignored the issue until the Supreme Court intervened and noted that the National Testing Agency (NTA) provided unusual responses when questioned.

The awarding of grace marks in NEET this year to 1,563 students was also criticised by KTR, who pointed out that the practice of grace marks is not typically applied in exams like NEET. 

He demanded clarity on the criteria used for awarding these marks and questioned the NTA's handling of the matter. 

KTR called for a comprehensive investigation into the allegations of paper leakage and demanded strict action against those involved. He emphasised that the issue is not limited to NEET but affects several competitive exams conducted under the NTA's supervision, which could lead to a loss of trust among students. 

KTR called for stringent measures to prevent such incidents in the future and reassured that the BRS would fight for the rights of students affected by these irregularities.

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