RGV releases poster of movie based on Pranay murder case, calls it 'too much love of a father'

It was a caste murder, not a misunderstood story of a father, said a Twitter user.
Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma
Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma
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Ram Gopal Varma has once again churned controversy with his upcoming film, 'Murder', the story based on a caste killing that took place in Telangana's Miryalguda town in the year 2018.

Sharing the first poster of the film on Sunday, Ram Gopal Varma took to twitter and said, "This is going to be a heart wrenching story based on the Amrutha and Maruthi Rao saga of the DANGERS of a father LOVING a daughter too much...launching the poster of a SAD FATHER's film on HAPPY FATHERS' DAY #MURDERlove."

He shared the poster which says that it's a 'family oriented film' based on a 'true story'. The characters shown on the poster, are based on Amrutha and Maruthi Rao in real life. Maruthi Rao was accused of hiring henchmen to kill Amrutha's husband Pranay, a dalit man.

However, that did not stop RGV from calling the murder one caused by a father's love for his daughter. 

"Ironically it’s too much love of a father which caused the violent tragedy in Amrutha and Maruthi Rao’s  Story  ..Nobody should wish such a SAD FATHER’S  DAY," he said.

He also went on to say the father's possessiveness and daughter's arrogant defiance was behind the incident. 

Following the tweet, RGV has received severe backlash from Twitteratis.

One user Sripad, commented on the poster recalling the incident that "Pranay Perumalla Kumar, a Dalit was hacked to death in broad day light by the killer sent by his wife Amrutha's father Maruthi Rao and uncle Shravan Kumar. This caste atrocity is now celebrated as a father-daughter 'loving' relationship."

Another user, Sahil commented, "It was a caste murder. Not a misunderstood story of a father who loved his daughter too much?"

Film critic Sankeertana Varma said, "It wasn't love, it's caste pride. It's not a tragedy, it's a premeditated murder in cold blood. You are choosing to erase Pranay from the picture. And you are associating Amritha with her father, even after she publicly severed her ties with him. Chi".

"What the hell. . . Maruthi Rao loved his caste  and reputation. Because of him, his daughter's child is fatherless and her own future is destroyed," commented another user.

As TNM reported earlier, Pranay was hacked to death in September, 2018, for marrying an upper caste woman, Amrutha, who's from the Vyshya community. Maruthi Rao is Amrutha's father, and according to police, he had plotted the murder and executed it through a contract killing.

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