Man who fought for Telangana's statehood forms anti-corruption watchdog

A civil society organization, TAC announced the setting up citizen tribunals to examine scams, including the Miyapur land scam.
Man who fought for Telangana's statehood forms anti-corruption watchdog
Man who fought for Telangana's statehood forms anti-corruption watchdog
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Telangana Joint Action Committee convener Prof. M Kodandram and other activists have formed ‘Telangana Against Corruption (TAC)’, aiming to expose the irregularities committed by the government.

The TAC announced that they will be setting up of citizen tribunals to examine specific issues, including the Miyapur land scam, in which hundreds of acres of government land were allegedly illegally transferred to prominent individuals, The New Indian Express reported.

In a press release, TAC stated that they will be a non-political group, with the express objective of bringing to light the ‘anti-people’ policies of the Telangana government and sensitising citizens about the realities of the state.

“Telangana was created with great hopes – after years of struggle. But the hopes are all set to be dashed”, the organization stated. It has also criticised the one family rule currently prevailing in the state.

TAC also questioned Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s decision to build a new secretariat on Bison Polo Grounds.

“With the Andhra Pradesh secretariat moving away, there is a huge amount of space available to the Telangana government. But instead of utilising this precious real estate, KCR wants a new secretariat at Bison Polo Grounds. Besides destroying dwindling green space, there is no justification for spending so much money on fancy projects. Instead, the Chief Minister should occupy himself with formulating policies that lead to the creation of jobs both for the urban and rural unemployed”, TAC said in a statement.

“Ever since this government was elected in Telangana, the democratic space has been shrinking. Political parties in the opposition are at a loss how to counter the anti-people policy of the government,” the statement read, reported, The Wire reported.

The founding members of this civil society organization include Prof. M Kodandram, Advocate K Chandrasekhar, journalist and social activist Zaheer Uddin Ali Khan, former IRS officer G Vidyadhar Reddy, and author and journalist Kingshuk Nag.

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