Director Amma Rajasekhar evicted from ‘Bigg Boss’ Telugu 4

So far, 10 contestants have exited the show.
Director Amma Rajasekhar evicted from ‘Bigg Boss’ Telugu 4
Director Amma Rajasekhar evicted from ‘Bigg Boss’ Telugu 4
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Bigg Boss Telugu 4, hosted by Nagarjuna Akkineni, completed nine weekends on November 8. After facing the threat of elimination for weeks, choreographer-turned-director Amma Rajasekhar left the Bigg Boss house this weekend. Contestants Harika, Monal, Abhijeet, Avinash and Amma Rajasekhar were nominated for eviction in the past week. Though Amma Rajesekhar performed well during the BB Daycare task, his reasons to nominate the other contestants in the last nomination process were vague.

So far, 10 contestants have exited the Bigg Boss house: Surya Kiran, Karate Kalyani, Devi Nagavalli, Swathi Deekshith, Gangavva, Jordaar Sujatha, Kumar Sai Pampana, Divi Vadthya, Noel Sean and Amma Rajasekhar.

Taking the audience and contestants for a ride, the Bigg Boss host had indicated that Suma would enter the show as a wild card entry this weekend. However, this was a prank pulled by Nagarjuna on the housemates. Suma, who entered the house with a suitcase, brought in amusing items that indicated each of the contestant’s personalities in a fun way. While the housemates were waiting for her to enter the house, the nature of the prank was revealed. Suma also said in a light-hearted way that she would enter the Bigg Boss house at Gangavva’s age, and expressed her appreciation for the contestants of the show.

One of the contestants, Abhijeet, has been trending on social media, as he was involved in a controversy recently. On Saturday, Nagarjuna questioned Abhijeet about opting out of the T-stand task, citing reasons of self-respect. In reply, Abhijeet said that his decision to opt out was actually taken keeping everyone else in mind. Fans of Abhijeet were upset with Nagarjuna for not questioning other contestants, and took to Twitter to convey their frustration with the show.

In this weekend’s episode, actor and Bigg Boss 4 Tamil host Kamal Haasan interacted with his counterpart Nagarjuna in a video call.  This weekend special was all the more exciting as the show celebrated Kamal Haasan's 66th birthday on air. Nagarjuna connected with Kamal over a video call, introducing him as “the pride of India” and wished him “Piranthanaal Vazhthukkal”, which is ‘happy birthday’ in Telugu.

The Telugu contestants also interacted with Kamal and wished him on his birthday. Kamal greeted everyone in Telugu, “Andarki Namaskaram... Bavunnara?”. Nagarjuna requested Kamal to announce the contestant who was saved from eviction this week, who was Harika.

Last week there was no eviction, as Noel Sean exited the show due to health reasons. He had reportedly been experiencing pain in his shoulder and leg, which prevented him from performing the tasks.

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