BJP MLA Raja Singh wants ban on hijab across states, Owaisi salutes Mandya student

A young woman dressed in a burqa in Karnataka’s Mandya was accosted by a group of men wearing saffron shawls.
A collage of Owaisi and Raja Singh
A collage of Owaisi and Raja Singh
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At a time when tempers are running high and protests are breaking out across several educational institutions in Karnataka against Muslim students wearing the hijab, Telangana BJP MLA T Raja Singh released a video praising the Karnataka Chief Minister for the “decision to ban the hijab in educational institutions.” The Karnataka government, in view of the row, has asked all government junior colleges to mandate uniforms and for all students to follow the uniform. 

In the video, the Goshamahal BJP MLA has said, “Karnataka government’s decision to not allow students wearing hijab to schools and colleges is praise-worthy. What Karnataka has done should be emulated across states. Schools and colleges are for studies and not for exhibition of one’s religion. If anyone has a problem with this, they can start their own schools. If you are disappointed with the government’s decision then you can start your own schools or teach your children in Madrasas. I would like to congratulate the Chief Minister of Karnataka and I urge all Chief Ministers to implement the ban on hijab in all states,” said Raja Singh.

Earlier today, a video emerged from PES College in Karnataka’s Mandya where a student in a burqa was heckled by scores of boys wearing saffron shawls and sloganeering ‘Jai Sri Ram’. The student can be seen entering into the college premises on a bike and when she walks towards the college building, the group of men can be heard screaming “Jai Sri Ram” while trying to accost her. In response, the woman looked at them and shouted, “Allahu Akbar” thrice with her fist held up in the air. Following this retaliation, the men began waving their saffron shawls and began to follow her. The college staff can be seen intervening to diffuse the tension, while the student walks away with dignity. 

While addressing a public meeting in poll bound Uttar Pradesh’s Sambal, AIMIM Chief and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi praised the student from PES college and called her retaliation a brave reaction. “I salute this daughter for her bravery. I salute the parents of this daughter who brought her up to be a brave woman. The woman stared at the men and shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ thrice and this wasn’t easy. This is the example that we have to set. If you bend today then you will have to bend forever. Today you stand up for some time. These people are trying to scare you. Those who think that there are dark clouds looming over our community, remember that these dark clouds will go away. The sun will shine…”

Owaisi also went on to say in the speech that the freedom of choice is a fundamental right and that there was no need to be scared or frightened. “What I wear, what my daughter wears, what my wife wears — how does it bother you? If you wish not to wear anything, so be it. The Supreme Court Puttaswamy judgment had said that what people wear, what people eat is one’s own responsibility…Right to choice is a fundamental right.”


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