6 TISS Hyd students on way to protests pulled out of a cab and detained

Witnesses say that a group of women, who were on their way to a tailoring shop and were not protesting, were also detained.
6 TISS Hyd students on way to protests pulled out of a cab and detained
6 TISS Hyd students on way to protests pulled out of a cab and detained
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Six women students from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Hyderabad were dragged out of their Uber cab near the Exhibition Grounds in Nampally on Thursday morning. A protest was to be held at the grounds on Thursday, before police revoked permissions across the city.

Speaking to TNM, a TISS student said that a group of students had decided to hire a cab to reach the protest venue from their university campus, but they were pulled out of the cab before they could even begin protesting. They were then bundled into a police vehicle and taken to Ramgopalpet Police Station.

“We were forced out of the Uber without any reason. We were made to wait and then taken to the police bus by policewomen and we were detained. The police have not told us under what grounds we are being detained,” a student said.

According to one of the students who was detained, a few women had actually come to the location for tailoring and did not intend to be a part of the protest, were also bundled into the vehicle and have been detained.

A total of 70 people have been detained at Ramgopalpet Police Station. According to reports, 30 students from Anwar-Ul Uloom have also been detained at the same police station, along with activists.

A TISS student, speaking to TNM, said that students were surveilled in the morning when they attempted to leave the campus. The student informed that there were six police cars around campus in the morning.

“Four days ago, we held a small rally in Turkayamjal. On Wednesday, the police came and spoke to our administration, asking for the names of students who carried out the rally as Section 144 is in place,” the student told TNM.

Turkayamjal, where TISS is located in Hyderabad, falls under the limits of the Rachakonda Commissionerate. The Rachakonda Commissionerate has imposed Section 144 — prohibiting the assembly of more than five persons — from October 31, 2019, to January 1, 2020. 

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