That Madukkarai 'rogue' elephant which was captured? It is dead

The elephant died around 4.15pm on Tuesday evening.
That Madukkarai 'rogue' elephant which was captured? It is dead
That Madukkarai 'rogue' elephant which was captured? It is dead
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Days after the 'rogue' elephant Maharaj was successfully captured and translocated with the help of a kumkis (trained elephants) in Madukkarai forest range, the elephant was reported dead.

According to wildlife activists, the elephant died around 4.15pm on Tuesday evening. The tusker was captured around 4.30am on Sunday.

An official told Times of India that while Maharaj was being translocated he sustained minor injuries. “When the animal boarded the truck, veterinarians cleaned the injuries sustained by the tusker, and it was alright,“ the officer told TOI.

Reportedly, the elephant was being held captive in the Anamalai Tiger Reserve. The forest officials refused to reveal the cause for death. However, the environmentalists claimed that it could be due to the overdose of sedatives, according to The New Indian Express.

The forest veterinarian told TNIE that the elephant was healthy till Monday evening. Environmentalist also claim that the elephant was not eating anything after being captured, which could be the reason for his death. This is the second elephant which has died after being captured. An environmentalist also raised questions over the methods used by the forest department while tranquilising wild animals.

Moreover, K Mohan Raj, an environmentalist has asked for a CBI probe into the matter. He told TNIE that he suspects something insidious behind the decision to capture the elephant.

The rogue elephant was seen as a danger to people near the Madurakkarai forest for two years and four kumkis were called in for capturing the elephant. It was called 'Mission Madukkarai Maharaj'.

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