'High' on Facebook: Two TN men land in jail after photo with ganja plant goes viral

Sasikumar reportedly uploaded the photo on Facebook to increase his friend’s ‘gethu’.
'High' on Facebook: Two TN men land in jail after photo with ganja plant goes viral
'High' on Facebook: Two TN men land in jail after photo with ganja plant goes viral
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We live in an age of social media, where every moment of our lives is to be recorded. But one Chennai man took it a little too far.

When Sasikumar, 22, posted a photo of his friend Kamal, 35, near his plant, little did he think the police would arrest both of them.

Well, Kamal was growing cannabis on his terrace, and unfortunately, Sasikumar failed to make the settings of the photo private – this meant anyone could view the photo.

The post, which caused a stir on social media, was published by Sasikumar who, according to the police, ‘wanted to increase the gethu of Kamal’.

The duo, who stay in Royapettah area and work odd jobs in the neighbourhood, were chatting on Kamal’s terrace when they took the photo and Sasikumar uploaded it.

While many social media potheads were interested in Kamal’s terrace garden, police say that Kamal was not a cultivator, he was just a consumer.

“He seems to have dropped some seeds in the flower pot and it just grew by chance, that’s all,” says one police officer.

The leaves of the plant are used as a psychoactive drug by people to get high.

Speaking to TNM, Royapettah Inspector Mahesh said, “He’s been smoking weed for the past 22 years. He had some weed in his pocket and he dropped it in the flower pot. Kamal asked Sasikumar not to upload the photo. But Sasikumar thought his friend might get some publicity out of this.”

Little did he know how famous the two of them would get.

Alerted by the public, the Royapettah police detained Sasikumar and Kamal, who have now been remanded to judicial custody.

According to one report, this is the second case in recent times. The Kancheepuram police had arrested S Moorthy, 55, for growing cannabis. Moorthy, who used to work at the temple nearby, was nabbed by the police after his friend told the police about the plant.

As misfortune would have it, his friend was upset for Moorthy had denied him some good old ganja.

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