Chennai nurse who self-delivered in hostel bathroom arrested for murder

The nurse named Vinisha allegedly chopped a limb of the child during a self-delivery without medical support inside her hostel washroom.
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TW: Mention of graphic details

A 24-year-old nurse was arrested by the Tamil Nadu police on Saturday, May 4, for causing the death of her child during a self-delivery without medical support inside a hostel washroom. The nurse named W Vinisha, who worked at a private hospital in Chennai, delivered a stillborn child on April 29, and performed an episiotomy on her own, leading to the loss of the infant’s limb. Episiotomy refers to a surgical procedure where an incision is made in the perineum to help with childbirth.

The Mambalam police arrested Vinisha on May 4 after she was discharged from a government maternity hospital in Kodambakkam where she was admitted post the episiotomy due to blood loss. 

On April 29, Vinisha had consumed painkillers and returned to the hostel after experiencing stomach pain and bleeding. Later, after her roommate slept, she delivered a stillborn child in the hostel bathroom. The delivery took a disastrous turn after the child was allegedly mutilated by accident, resulting in an injury to its neck, and the loss of a limb. Vinisha, who was also injured, was rushed to the hospital by her roommate. While the infant’s body was found wrapped in a cloth, its limb could not be retrieved as it was allegedly flushed down the toilet. The infant was declared dead and its mortal remains were sent for postmortem.

Reportedly, Vinisha was in a relationship with a software professional in the city which ended seven months ago, and she did not disclose her pregnancy to anyone. The police had told TNM that she discovered her pregnancy only in the fifth month and that this was an attempt to self-abort. They had initially charged Vinisha with the Indian Penal Code (IPC) Sections 315 (intent to prevent a child from being born alive or causing it to die), and 201 (concealing evidence). Based on the postmortem results of the deceased infant, the police have also added the charge of murder under IPC Section 302 (intention to cause death).

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