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Chennai-based Autointelli wins Best Automation Tool 2022 award at British Parliament

Lord J D Waverley, Co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Trade and Investment, presented the trophy.

In recognition of the India-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement, Chennai-based Autointelli, a company specialising in Artificial Intelligence for information Technology, was invited to the British Houses of Parliament, Westminster, and was awarded a trophy for “Best Automation Software for 2022”. Lord J D Waverley, Co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Trade and Investment, presented the trophy. 

The meeting took place at the Committee Room One on November 17, 2022. Present on the day were the chairs and heads of leading business and software companies from various countries as well as several important individuals from the UK. Sarosh Zaiwalla, Founder and MD of Zaiwalla and company, one of the world`s leading legal arbitration companies, was one of the eminent speakers. 

Autointelli claims to handle over 100,000 server automations and one million tickets every day. Autointelli is an end-to-end infrastructure platform that helps government and private sectors serve citizens. It deals with SMEs (small & medium enterprises), top corporate companies and ecogovernance organisations.  

Autointelli helps companies with their business continuity even at crucial times like COVID-19 and other natural calamities. The company can do this by handling backup, the restoration of data, and data centres using AIOPS. The company is not a domain specific product and SMEs or individuals who have servers or cloud users can make use of it and automate their IT infrastructures. 

Autointelli says it has an infrastructure that contains application availability monitoring, an event management system, an incident response automation, service request automation, daily weekly and monthly routine process automation, a self-service portal with integration and ITSM platform, recoding for audit and playback in case of critical issues, centralised dashboards and many other features. 

“After a long COVID break, it was good to be able to travel and meet other company chiefs at Parliament. The prize holds the promise of success and gives us the energy to move forward with a successful year for our company,” said Pradeep Kumar, CEO of Autointelli.

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