AIADMK Sting: OPS knew in advance RK Nagar polls will be cancelled, was backed by BJP says MLA

After serious allegations that both the EPS and OPS camp offered money to MLAs ahead of the trust vote, fresh tapes now talk about the alleged involvement of the BJP.
AIADMK Sting: OPS knew in advance RK Nagar polls will be cancelled, was backed by BJP says MLA
AIADMK Sting: OPS knew in advance RK Nagar polls will be cancelled, was backed by BJP says MLA

These are the tapes that have already had a profound impact on the politics of the state. It was an open secret, but for the first time ever, in a sting operation done by Chennai-based TV channel Moon TV and Times Now, an MLA was caught on camera stating the political corruption ahead of the February 19 trust vote.

Following split in the AIADMK after O Panneerselvam’s rebellion, a trust vote was held in the TN assembly on February 18 to test the support for Edappadi Palaniswami backed by Sasikala.  

The sting tapes released by Times Now and Moon TV have so far backed the allegations that both the OPS and EPS camp offered money to the MLAs to vote in the favour.

Caught in the camera was AIADMK MLA from the OPS camp, Saravanan, who talks about how both the sides offered money between Rs. 2 crore and Rs. 6 crore. Saravanan adds that though promises were made, not many MLAs got the money.

Saravanan, the MLA from Madurai South also says that OPS camp offered money too.

However, yet another shocker from the tapes, a copy of which The News Minute has acquired from Moon TV, is that Saravanan says that it is only because of the BJP that OPS camp is surviving. The MLA says that OPS camp knew well in advance from their sources in Delhi that the RK Nagar polls will be cancelled.

The EC officially cancelled the elections on April 10, but this is the conversation Moon TV had with MLA Saravanan on April 6.

Moon TV: Do you have BJP support?

MLA Saravanan: Yes of course, we have BJP support. That is why we are surviving now.

Moon TV: But BJP can help OPS with the elections no?

MLA Saravanan: They will stop the elections. For sure they will stop it. They told us from Delhi 10-15 days ago that the elections will stop mostly.

Moon TV: Last minute they will stop it?

MLA Saravanan: Yes, that is what they will do.

Watch the video here:

This is not all, MLA Saravanan also claims  that while Sasikala’s camp distributed money between Rs. 4000 to Rs. 5000 for the polls, OPS camp did not do it because they did not have the manpower. He also says that as far as he knew, DMK also did not distribute money.

MLA Saravanan: That Amma (Sasikala) has been giving money well, between Rs. 4000 and Rs. 5000. Our men only did it, party men from Madurai, they are in Poes (Garden). With the support of the police, in the morning and the night. People are taking and happy, but they won’t vote for them.

MLA Saravanan: Even OPS is saying that we will not give. Stalin also will not give money, they might have given to a few people, but not really. It does not look like they have given.

OPS will not give, because he does not have the people. He had ground level cadres, but you need people who are managers, who get work done.

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