Actor Gautami quits BJP alleging lack of support from the party

“It is with a very heavy heart and deep disillusionment that I have taken the decision to resign my membership of the Bharatiya Janata Party,” Gautami said in her letter announcing her resignation.
Actor Gautami Tadimalla
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Actor-turned-politician Gautami Tadimalla has announced her resignation from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), on Monday, October 23, claiming that the party did not support her, and instead sided with Alagappan who allegedly “betrayed” her. Alagappan is accused of misappropriating her assets worth Rs 25 crore. 

In the letter announcing her decision to quit the BJP, she has said that this is an “unimaginable crisis point”. “It is with a very heavy heart and deep disillusionment that I have taken the decision to resign my membership of the Bharatiya Janata Party. I joined the Party 25 years ago to contribute my efforts towards Nation building.”

 “Even through all the challenges I have faced in my life, I have honoured that commitment. Yet today I stand at an unimaginable crisis point in my life and find that not only do I not have any support from the Party and leaders, but it has also come to my knowledge that several amongst them have been actively helping and supporting the very person who has betrayed my trust and cheated me of my life earnings,” she said in her letter.

In September this year, Gautami filed a police complaint alleging that Alagappan and his wife Nachal had misappropriated her money and properties worth Rs 25 crore. In her complaint, she said that she gave her power of attorney to Alagappan to process her properties for sale, as she was sick. However, when she tried to get the properties back, he had threatened her and her daughter, following which she lodged a complaint.

Stating that she worked for 37 years in cinema, television, radio and digital media since she was 17-years-old, she alleged that Alagappan swindled her of her money, property and documents. “Mr. Alagappan had approached me around 20 years ago seeing my vulnerability and isolation, as I was not only an orphan who had just lost both my parents, but also a single mother with an infant child. He insinuated himself and his family into my life under the guise of a caring elder person. It was in this situation around 20 years ago that I entrusted him with the sale and documents of several of my lands, and it was just recently that I discovered he had defrauded me of the same; all while pretending to welcome me and my daughter as a part of his family.”

“In order to recover my hard earned money, properties and documents, I have followed the laws, rules and processes of our country just as every Indian citizen must, with full respect and faith that I will receive justice. I have filed a series of complaints with complete trust in my Chief Minister, my police department and my judicial system, but I find that the process has been inexplicably dragging on,” she said.

Further, she said that she was entrusted with the development of the Rajapalayam constituency for the BJP during the 2021 Assembly elections and was promised that seat to contest. She said that despite the party rescinding its decision at the last minute, she maintained her commitment to the party. “However even after 25 years of steadfast loyalty to the Party, it is shattering to realise that there is a complete lack of support and moreover that several senior members of the BJP have been enabling Mr Alagappan in dodging justice and absconding since the last 40 days even after the FIRs have been filed. However, I still have hope that my Chief Minister, my police department and my judicial system will prevail and give me the justice that I seek. I write this letter of resignation today in great pain and sorrow, but with very firm resolve. I am fighting for justice for myself and my child's future as a lone woman and a single parent,” she said.

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