Tamil Nadu documents the EPS + OPS = POES drama in memes

Neither the hypocrisy of the two factions nor the alleged role of the center has escaped the notice of the public.
Tamil Nadu documents the EPS + OPS = POES drama in memes
Tamil Nadu documents the EPS + OPS = POES drama in memes
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The AIADMK merger has finally happened with Team OPS and Team EPS uniting to take charge of the much coveted two leaves symbol. Social media has boiled down the development to a simple formula: OPS + EPS = POES.

The Sasikala faction is understandably seething and is unlikely to be quelled without a fight. 

But well, as things unfold, the Tamil Nadu public has brought out the popcorn and is busy documenting the political manoeuvres through memes. 

Here are a few which caught our attention.

The fact that OPS, who was flinging corruption charges at the EPS government and has now joined hands with him, has not gone unnoticed.

1. Just last week you said EPS is corrupt and that he's betraying Amma?

That was one mouth, this is another.

2. The puppets

3. OPS and EPS riding together. Don't they make a cute couple?

4. Big Boss Modi is watching and listening to all the 'confessions'.

5. OPS and EPS uniting against Annan TTV who ended up bringing them together. (OPS tells EPS, 'brother, we should never fight again. A stunned TTV says, 'You guys fought and sacrificed me instead').

6. EPS's sudden effusiveness towards OPS. EPS says 'Panner brother, how are you'?

7. Life is a gamble, guys. Even the Thala said it.

8. Expectation vs Reality

9. The new party flag

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