In depth reportage

When Children become collateral for parents enslaved in bonded labour: A documentary

For bonded labours across Tamil Nadu, freedom comes at a price - their children.

Watch: Kerala Hindu women on how they were confined at a yoga centre, tortured

Siva Sakthi Yoga Centre also doubled up as an anti-conversion centre where Hindu women in relationship with men of other religions were confined and tortured.

Children with disabilities remain excluded from mainstream schools, here’s why

In Karnataka, as in the rest of India, children with disabilities either don’t get admitted to schools, or drop out quickly.

The afterlife of garbage: How Kerala is struggling to deal with its landfills

Kerala is making the slow turnaround to eco-friendly waste disposal but there is a troubling afterlife to its garbage that authorities still have no way to deal with.

How laws and government schemes supporting people with disabilities are failing

Schemes won’t be effective without the willingness to implement it, keeping in view the needs of the community.

Watch: How young men in this Telangana district are lured into clinical trials

Clinical trials in India have been contentious, as weak laws have allowed pharma companies to allegedly exploit several unemployed people.

Trafficked, enslaved, exploited: The fallout of Anantapur’s agrarian crisis

With lack of alternative livelihoods and traffickers preying on vulnerable women and youngsters, the agrarian crisis has Anantapur residents fighting an uphill battle.

Failed borewells and farmer suicides: The human cost of Anantapur’s agrarian crisis

Water is a resource that will never run out, they say; but its scarcity has been the undoing of many families in Kadiri, a town in Andhra Pradesh’s Anantapur district.

How can we bridge the gender gap in tech startups? 5 things companies should do

In the third part of our women and tech startups series, we look at the way forward.

Survivor stories are growing in TN’s fight against HIV, but the battle is only half won

Many on the front lines of the fight are people living with HIV, who have found the strength not only to rebuild their own lives, but also to help those around them.