In depth reportage

When dreams turn to dust: How Kollywood exploits labour

Speak to the supporting artistes, the one-film directors, and the unsung heroes of the sets, and a picture of exploitation emerges from all the glitz.

Encroachers or rightful cultivators? Why there’s unrest among Telangana's forest dwellers

The conflict in Telangana’s Kagaznagar, where a woman forest officer was assaulted, is just another facet of the larger battle that forest dwellers in India are currently fighting to safeguard their rights.

How couples who go through IVF are left unprepared for its emotional costs

The discourse around IVF is largely focused on success stories, leaving couples unprepared for crushing disappointment when the process fails.

1.2 lakh employees in the lurch as BSNL sinks in debt: Where is the bailout?

The delay in salary payments arose after BSNL accumulated over Rs 90,000 crore in losses. The only solution is a bailout – one that was not announced in the 2019 Budget.

Is the waste from your online deliveries choking Bengaluru?

Waste generated by online food delivery and e-commerce sites has drastically increased Bengaluru’s garbage problem. So what are we going to do about it?

Is a combination of recycling and harvesting an answer to water crisis in Indian cities?

TNM spoke to four water experts to find out what one can do as an individual, and what is needed at policy level, to tackle the water crisis.

Meet Dasari Kondappa, the last Burra Veena player in Telangana

The Burra Veena is an indigenous musical instrument from Telangana, which might soon go extinct.

Watch: How street children are fighting neglect, poverty with sports and education

Karunalaya, an NGO in Chennai, has been rescuing street children, sending them to school and engaging them in cricket and football.

'Avvai Shanmughi', 'Mayamohini' and others: How cinema misrepresents drag culture

Drag queens and artistes speak about how cinema has used drag for mockery and comedy, in contrast to the performance art which is about exploring gender and sexuality.

Watch: How women in this Andhra village are weaving their own destiny

Bhavani Cheneta Sangam is perhaps the only group in India constituted of young rural women from different religions and castes, who are not from traditional weaving families.