In depth reportage

The unpalatable truth: Six years after launch, why Amma Unavagam workers are unhappy

With promises of a great future, women from self-help groups came forward to run the Tamil Nadu government’s subsidised canteens in 2013. Six years later, the women work seven days a week with poor wages and few rights.

Hyderabad's Jawaharnagar dumpyard is bursting but merely shifting it is not a solution

Residents living close to the Jawaharnagar dumpyard say the air, soil and groundwater around the neighbourhood is so polluted that it has affected their daily lives.

TNM Fact Check: Video of Muslim women singing bhajans is not from the Gulf

The old video was shared after the Ayodhya verdict with the false claim that these women sang Ram bhajans at a mosque in a Gulf country.

Video: Over 60 families in Vijayawada live under a water tank after Krishna floods

Several families whose homes on the Krishna river banks were destroyed by floods have continued to live in an open relief camp since August.

Apathy vs Empowerment: Did Indian media fail to take ‘Me Too’ stories forward?

For many journalists, reporting based on sexual harassment allegations from an anonymous account was an ethical dilemma they faced during the course of the movement.

The harassment of Bengaluru's Bengali-speaking workers in the name of 'security'

Bengali-speaking daily wage workers are accusing the police of harassing them for identification, forcing many to skip work or go into hiding.

How queer, disabled persons are harassed in the name of ‘security’ in Indian airports

“Three times, I was groped in the name of security. Their hands lingered precisely on my chest, checking for the presence of breasts, not bombs,” Smita, a non-binary person, says.

‘Not given masks or boots’: Brother of manual scavenging worker who died in Chennai mall

For a wage of Rs 600, the contractor brought the men to Express Avenue mall. He made them pose in safety gear for a picture and then asked them to remove it before getting into the septic tank.

Joginis: The religious sex slaves of Telangana

Under the veil of religious faith, girls and women from Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes continue to be sexually abused by upper caste men.

Rape, death and injustice: How the Walayar sisters’ cases were botched up

The parents and even the forensic doctor who did the post mortem said that the elder sister could have been sexually assaulted, but the police didn’t manage to pursue the sexual assault angle or prove it.