In depth reportage

Why new ART drugs with less side effects are crucial for India’s fight against HIV

Drug resistance rises when ART regimes aren’t properly followed, often because patients can’t cope with the strong side-effects of medications.

How freezing of funds is affecting Telangana municipalities

As general funds are being frozen, municipal chairpersons are unable to carry out even small payments such as paying salaries.

A second chance: These abandoned animals get a shot at a better life

As dogs and cats are the popular choices for adoption, there are often no takers for the larger domestic animals like cows, horses and donkeys.

Why people living along the Kerala coast want sea walls

With the sea entering their homes, people living along Kerala's coast want walls built - but is that the solution?

Surviving burns: Domestic violence and its aftermath

Over 400 women come to the Burns Unit at the Kilpauk Medical College in Chennai every single year, and while it is not reported as such, most of those cases are of domestic violence.

Watch: Here’s how parasitic infestations are being combated using preventive measures

The problem of worm infestations has been attributed to many reasons including bad hygiene, open-air defecation, and lack of footwear.

In Telangana’s pharma hub, factories close to schools are affecting kids’ health

With around 15 pharmaceutical companies located in a radius of 3 km, the factories are proving to be a nightmare for the residents of Sangareddy.

Why has the beneficial HPV vaccine not been included in national immunisation programme?

Up to 25% of cervical cancer-related deaths in the world occur in India, with over 1 lakh women diagnosed with it every year.

A looming health threat in Hyd? How polluted Musi water finds its way back to the city

The pollution is largely attributed to industrial effluents, mainly let out by pharmaceutical and bulk drug companies, which can be found in abundance in and around Hyderabad.

HIV prevalence in TN: What the state needs to do to address new at-risk groups

Identifying the groups which are at risk of new infections and the problems plaguing implementation of schemes is important.