10 years of Modi's rule

10 years of Modi's rule

Pakka Politics is a podcast in Tamil that breaks down and makes sense of everyday politics and the impact it has on the social and cultural landscape. From local and national news developments to global issues that can shape the world around you, TNM’s Shabbir Ahmed and his guests delve deep into the heart of the issue. Pakka Politics with Shabbir Ahmed will host a range of voices and opinions – politicians, activists, academics, journalists and more – giving you perspectives to help you understand politics today.

Season 1 Episode 6

As India stands at the crossroads of its future, the 10 years of Modi’s governance have ignited apprehensions among democratic forces regarding the nation’s trajectory if BJP retains power in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Under Modi’s leadership, India has undergone significant transformations, marked by compromised institutions, stifled dissent, and a narrative where religion reigns supreme. The upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections are not just about political parties but a battle to uphold and preserve India’s secular fabric. In the latest Pakka Politics episode, Shabbir Ahmed engages with Professor Ramu Manivannan, former head of the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Madras, discussing how India has changed under Modi and the formidable challenges ahead for democratic forces.

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