North Chennai, Dalit and Dravidian Politics - Shalin Maria Lawrance Podcast

North Chennai, Dalit and Dravidian Politics - Shalin Maria Lawrance Podcast

Season 1 Episode 4 of the Pakka Politics podcast with Shabbir Ahmed

Pakka Politics is a podcast in Tamil that breaks down and makes sense of everyday politics and the impact it has on the social and cultural landscape. From local and national news developments to global issues that can shape the world around you, TNM’s Shabbir Ahmed and his guests delve deep into the heart of the issue. Pakka Politics with Shabbir Ahmed will host a range of voices and opinions – politicians, activists, academics, journalists and more – giving you perspectives to help you understand politics today.

Season 1 Episode 4

Tamil Nadu has witnessed a surge in atrocities against Dalits, and in recent years, these attacks have multiplied, raising questions about the commitment of Dravidian parties to protect marginalized communities. Incidents such as human feces being mixed into a drinking water tank in Vengavayal, Pudukottai district, and assaults on students from Scheduled Caste communities in Nanguneri, Tirunelveli district, have sent shockwaves across the state. Dalit rights activists and intellectuals have criticized the DMK government for its lukewarm response to handling cases related to atrocities against Dalits. Vocal activists have faced online attacks and trolling. In this episode of Pakka Politics, Shabbir Ahmed engages in a conversation with Shalin Maria Lawrence, a writer and political commentator, discussing her politics, activism, her connection to Vada Chennai, social justice, gender justice in politics and where Dalits fit into Dravidian politics.

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