Verna vs Creta: Which Hyundai Reigns Supreme on the Roads

Verna vs Creta: Which Hyundai Reigns Supreme on the Roads

The Verna and Creta are two of Hyundai's most popular models, appealing to different buyer priorities. For those wanting a sleek sedan focused on performance and efficiency, the Verna delivers with its turbocharged engines, providing over 20km/litre. Yet the Creta is also compelling - its athletic SUV styling and spacious interior comfortably accommodate families.

Its fuel-efficient diesel engines match the Verna at nearly 22km/litre. So, whether a responsive city car or a flexible all-rounder is needed, Hyundai has options for these two models. Read on to find out the differences between these two.

An Overview of Verna

The Hyundai Verna is a well-liked sedan. Its athletic appearance and relaxed ride quality appeal to many buyers. Under the hood, Verna offers capable petrol engines. Inside, you'll find a nice cabin with soft surfaces, abundant technology, and safety gear. Since hitting the market, the Verna has been popular thanks to its mix of looks, comfort, driving dynamics and affordability. Its slippery shape helps it stay poised through corners. The Verna is an excellent option for people wanting a feature-packed yet wallet-friendly sedan. For those considering the most luxurious offering in the lineup, the Verna top model price makes it an appealing option, as it reflects premium features and superior comfort, making it a standout choice.

An Overview of Hyundai Creta

The Hyundai Creta perfectly balances an urban runabout and a rugged adventurer. Its bold SUV styling turns heads on the streets, while a choice of peppy yet efficient engines delivers a pleasing drive. Inside, the Creta refuses to compromise on features - matching luxury sedans in terms of space, comfort, technology and safety equipment.

Generous ground clearance and capable handling give drivers the confidence to navigate rough roads and congested city lanes. With its practicality, performance, and premium feel, the Creta hits the sweet spot for many Indian families. It's no wonder it continues to reign as one of India's favourite compact SUVs across diverse roads and conditions. For those interested in purchasing this SUV, the Hyundai Creta price is competitive and positioned to offer excellent value for such a well-rounded vehicle.

Design and Aesthetics

The Verna sedan has a more aggressive, futuristic look up front. Its large black chrome grille, full LED headlights, and signature LED daytime running light strip give it a high-tech vibe. From the side, the Verna has a coupe-like shape with a sloping roofline, chrome accents, and 16-inch alloy wheels, lending it a sportier stance.

Meanwhile, the Creta small SUV takes a boxier, more upright design approach. Its front grille is more traditional but bold, flanked by split LED headlights. Extra silver trim around the greenhouse helps identify it as a Creta. With its higher ground clearance and 17-inch wheels, the Creta projects rugged versatility rather than performance.

So, while the Verna turns heads with its almost concept-car style, the Creta goes for a more practical yet modern look.

Engine Specification

Petrol Engines

The Verna offers two petrol engines: a 1.5L turbocharged motor producing 160hp/253Nm and a 1.5L naturally aspirated motor making 115hp/144Nm. The turbo petrol gives the Verna a spirited performance, while the NA motor focuses more on efficiency.

The Creta also gets two petrol engines, including a 1.5L turbo petrol making 158hp/253Nm, almost similar to the Verna. The second option is a 113hp/144Nm 1.5L naturally aspirated motor, similar to the Verna. So, both SUVs and sedans offer equivalent petrol powertrains.

Diesel Engines

The Creta has only one diesel option - a 1.5L oil burner producing 114hp/250Nm. On the other hand, the Verna doesn’t offer a diesel variant.

Interior and Features

The Verna and Creta take distinct approaches regarding cabin layout and features. The Verna opts for a more driver-focused cockpit with a futuristic dashboard and floating touchscreen. Leather upholstery and ventilated front seats amp up the luxury. Creta recommends a more upright SUV-style cabin focusing on space, and the twin 10.25-inch screens command attention.

Verna's two-spoke steering wheel and digital cluster give a high-tech vibe compared to Creta's more classic layout. Unique Verna bits like the air purifier, smart trunk and Blue Link connected tech aim to impress. Creta fights back with wireless charging and air purifier options of its own.


The Verna and Creta deliver solid mileage, living up to Hyundai's reputation for fuel efficiency. According to ARAI testing, the Verna sedan ranges from 18.6-20.6 kilometres per litre across its different engine and transmission options. The automatic petrol variant does an impressive 20.6 km/l combined city and highway driving. Even the manual petrol can manage 20 km/l.

The Creta SUV's mileage depends on your chosen engine, but it ranges between 17.4 and 21.8 kilometres per litre. Interestingly, the Creta diesel manual matches the thriftiest Verna with an ARAI rating of 21.8 km/l. Even the Creta petrol manual returns a very reasonable 18.4 km/l.


Hyundai's popular Verna sedan and Creta SUV are both compelling options. The sleek and sporty Verna excels as a stylish, feature-packed city commuter. Its turbo-petrol and diesel engines deliver an engaging drive with good mileage. The muscular Creta sacrifices some handling for higher ground clearance and cabin space to tackle uneven roads better. Equivalent engines and technology give it sedan-rivalling comfort.

Ultimately, the Creta's rugged SUV capabilities allow it to conquer a broader range of Indian roads. But the Verna remains a strong contender if your travels stay on the tarmac. Hyundai has two winners, so choose based on lifestyle needs.

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