Top Beaches in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for Complete Relaxation

Apart from its rich cultural and historical legacy, Jeddah, the second-biggest city in Saudi Arabia is renowned for its breathtaking Red Sea shoreline. Numerous beaches in the city provide tourists with the ideal haven from the daily grind. Jeddah's beaches offer something for everyone, whether your tastes run to a serene getaway or an exciting day spent by the water. Flyadeal makes getting here easy. We'll look at some of Jeddah's best beaches in this article, which guarantee total relaxation and life-long memories.

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1 Al Saif Beach

About 60 kilometres south of the city core of Jeddah, Al-Saif Beach is a well-liked tourist and local attraction. There is the ideal combination of leisure activities and scenic splendour at this immaculate beach. Ideal for families with kids looking for a safe swimming experience are the shallow seas.

Among the many things visitors may do is play beach volleyball, make sandcastles, or just relax on the sand. A lovely green park close to the ocean is also a terrific place for walks or picnics.

2 Khaleej Salman Beach

Khaleej Salman Beach is a great option for those looking for a more private and tranquil beach vacation. This less busy beach in the Buhairat District of Jeddah is ideal for singles or couples seeking peace and quiet.

Though it may not have as many amenities as some other beaches, nature enthusiasts and those looking to get away from the bustle of the city appreciate Khaleej Salman Beach for its serene atmosphere and natural beauty.

3 South Obhur Beach

About thirty kilometres from the heart of Jeddah, South Obhur Beach is a well-liked weekend destination for both residents and visitors. Perfectly combining contemporary conveniences with unspoiled natural beauty, this beach is a great place to spend a day or longer.

Swimming in the crystal-clear seas, trying their hand at different water sports, or just lounging on the beach and soaking in the stunning coastline vistas are all options available to visitors. Beachgoers have easy eating alternatives at the neighbouring cafés and eateries.

4 Silver Sands Beach

Of Jeddah's private beaches, Silver Sands Beach is a preferred option for visitors seeking a more upscale beach experience. This mile-long strand of sand provides a variety of water sports and activities in a more refined and regulated setting.

Adventure seekers wishing to practise different water activities in a secure and well-equipped setting will love Silver Sands Beach. Comparing the private beach to public beaches, the former guarantees a more laid-back and quiet experience.

5 Thuwal Beach

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About 80 kilometres north of the heart of Jeddah, Thuwal Beach has a unique fusion of scenic beauty and cultural value. The large coastal mosque at this public beach is well-known for giving the beach experience a spiritual touch.

Thuwal Beach is a great option for anybody who likes to explore culture while lounging on the beach. While adults may enjoy fishing or just taking in the stunning coastal scenery, kids may safely swim in the shallow waters close to the beach.

6 Durrat Al Arus

Among Jeddah's most renowned and historic private beach resorts is Durrat Al Arus. Offering a sumptuous beach experience along with a multitude of facilities and activities in this large resort.

Durrat Al Arus provides an unmatched beach experience for those seeking luxury and tranquillity, but access to it involves renting a villa in the resort. Families or parties looking for an upscale beach vacation will find the resort's many amenities to be ideal.

7 Dhaban Marine Park

Family-friendly beach resort Dhaban Marine Park is located about 40 kilometres from the heart of Jeddah and offers both recreational amenities and scenic beauty.

Families wanting to unwind by the beach will love Dhaban Marine Park. All ages may enjoy the children's playground and the shaded areas, and the stunning seaside landscape makes for the ideal setting for a leisurely day.

8 South Corniche

Over 110 kilometres long, South Corniche is a lively coastal region that provides tourists with a range of activities rather than simply a beach. It has a long beachfront with many locations; - many cafés and restaurants. Famous sites include the King Fahad Fountain; and bike and pedestrian routes.

Those who want to mix urban discovery with beach leisure will find the South Corniche ideal. Leisurely strolls along the corniche while taking in the sea air and city views are available to visitors, as are beach activities and dining at waterfront restaurants.

9 Indigo Beach Resort

Together with contemporary conveniences, Indigo Beach Resort provides a distinctive beach experience. It has diverse watersports activities; separate swimming facilities for men, women, and children, Cafés and eateries on-site and beautiful sunset vistas with a beach environment in the Western style.

For anyone looking for a more planned and full-of-amenities beach vacation, this resort is a great option. Families and groups like it as the two bathing areas provide comfort and privacy for every guest.

10 KAEC Beach

Though not strictly speaking in Jeddah, King Abdullah Economic City's (KAEC) beaches are noteworthy for their outstanding beauty and amenities. It has choices of public and private beaches, spotless well kept beaches with available water sports and activities; contemporary facilities and services and comparatively speaking, less crowded than the main beaches of Jeddah.

Beaches at KAEC provide a cool alternative for the more well-known ones in the heart of Jeddah. Particularly notable for visitors seeking a free beach experience with first-rate amenities is the public beach on Amwaj Street.


Beach experiences in Jeddah are varied and include anything from opulent private resorts to remote natural locations. There's a beach in Jeddah that's ideal for you whether your tastes run to adventure, relaxation, or family fun. To guarantee a good time for everyone, keep in mind to follow local laws and traditions while organising your beach vacation. A beach lover's dream just waiting to be discovered, Jeddah has a stunning Red Sea beachfront and year-round pleasant weather.

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