8 Reasons Why Oman Is The Perfect Desert Getaway

Oman is a modern country, but what it is most famous for other than its tall, modern buildings and shopping complexes is its natural beauty, which is defined by its many Wadis. It is a country that has the most beautiful beaches, which are filled with golden sand and azure blue waters. The Al Hajar Mountains showcase settlements that are centuries old, even today.

Why Sightsee Oman During This Vacation?

Oman has a diverse geographical landscape, with a desert terrain on one hand, where you can enjoy a safari, or indulge in dune basking, sand surfing etc, and on the other hand it has lofty mountain ranges, that offer opportunities for hiking, trekking and exploration. Arrive in Muscat through Oman Air Booking to begin a fantastic journey that takes you to its scenic locations and heritage sites. Here is a look at the top eight reasons to choose Oman as a family vacation getaway:

1. Explore Oman’s vibrant cities, and you can begin with the capital, Muscat, known for its shopping malls, skyscrapers, ancient forts, Sultan’s palace, grand mosque, and many forts. Next, visit Salalah, known for its luscious green landscapes and hills, and then move on to Sohar, famed for the character Sinbad.


2. Spend time in the waters of its beaches doing different types of water sports. There are many exotic places to visit, such as Ras al-Jinz, where you can see nesting turtles, or you can enjoy strolling on the sandy beach of Salalah. You can also go snorkeling at the Daymaniyat Islands or jet skiing in Al Qurum.  In the Musandam Peninsula, you have the opportunity to swim with dolphins.

3. Discover the heritage of Oman by visiting the ancient city of Nizwa. The Hajar Mountains surround it, and as you go inside, you can see villages such as Al Hamra and Birkat al Mouz. Also visit the Al Alam Palace, known for its grand Islamic architecture. Visit the Birkat Al Mouz ruins, a village that is now abandoned but known for the falaj irrigation system.

4. Visit the lovely Wahiba Sands, where you can indulge in dune bashing on a four-wheel drive or do sand surfing. Explore the dunes, which seem endless; take camel rides to explore the desert wilderness; set up a tent from where you can see starry skies. Explore the desert's wild animals, birds, and plant life through a guided tour.

5. Make a trip to the majestic Hajar Mountains, which rise dramatically from a gravel desert landscape and rise to an altitude of more than 3,000 meters at Jebel Shams. A drive to the top can be quite thrilling, and all along the way, you can see so many unusual things, such as stone mountain villages, handicrafts being sold, palm trees and wadis, traditional guest houses, as well as forts.

6. Sightsee Bahla, which is known for its beautiful fortresses, some of which are more than 500 years old. In this place, you can see mud homes, open-air souks, and also the grand Sultan Qaboos Mosque. You can drive from here to Jabreen Castle, which offers beautiful views of date orchards and the desert landscape.

7. The Wadis of Oman offers you the chance to view a breathtakingly beautiful landscape. They are valleys that are filled with water seasonally and you can find many of them in Rustaq, with many that have water all year. Especially see the Wadi Al Hoqain, which is the largest Wadi, where you can see lovely waterfalls, swimming pools, villages, sinkholes, and also hot springs.

8. Drive to Sur, which is a beautiful port city where you can see plenty of lovely boats used every day by fishermen. It has lots of beautiful beaches where you can do various water sports, but it is most famous for being a place where turtles come to lay their eggs which brings many to come and see.

Oman is a desert paradise that has many hidden treasures of natural beauty in its desert landscape. With an Oman Air booking, you can reach Muscat for a fun-filled tour that takes you to key tourist spots across the country. The warm waters of its beaches are famous for being diving spots, while its soul parallels the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Enjoy a wondrous vacation in Oman, exploring its varied landscape, food, and culture.

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