Stalin and Pinarayi condemn PM Modi’s remarks against Muslims, call it ‘toxic’

In an election rally in Rajasthan on April 21, Prime Minister Modi claimed that the Congress would distribute the country’s wealth to “infiltrators'' and “those who have more children”, in an explicit reference to Muslims.
MK Stalin and Pinarayi Vijayan
MK Stalin and Pinarayi Vijayan
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Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, MK Stalin and Pinarayi Vijayan, condemned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s disparaging remarks about Muslims at a rally in Rajasthan. On April 21, Modi claimed that the Congress would distribute the country’s wealth to “infiltrators'' and “those who have more children”, in an explicit reference ot Muslims. He further falsely claimed that Congress’s manifesto would take a stock of gold from their “mothers and daughters” and distribute it to Muslims. 

Condemning the remarks, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on April 23,  called the comments “insidious” and that the statement from the Prime Minister himself is an “indication of threats [to them] democratic and secular values” in the country. He said, “The PM himself making such communal remarks seeking to make political gains, is a clear indication of the threats democratic and secular values are facing in the country. The Election Commission [EC] must take strong action against it. All progressive and secular forces must stand together to ensure an election that is transparent and in tune with democratic values. Any effort to dent India's secular credentials and religious harmony should be resisted.” 

Meanwhile, Chief Minister MK Stalin criticised Modi for his remarks and the ECI for refusing to take action against the Prime Minister. Accusing Modi of “fearing public anger”, Stalin said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s toxic speech is vile and highly deplorable. Fearing public anger against his failures, Modi has attempted to whip up religious sentiments and resorted to hate speech to avoid what seems to be an imminent defeat. Hate and discrimination are the real guarantees of Modi.” 

Further accusing the ECI of losing its neutrality, Stalin said, “In turning a deaf ear to the PM’s blatant hate speech, the ECI has shamelessly abandoned even a semblance of neutrality.” 

Stalin also mentioned how the Prime Minister is twisting the data from the caste census that the INDIA bloc had promised to bring out for his own electoral gains. He said, “The socio-economic caste census promised by the INDIA bloc is a remedy long overdue to create an egalitarian society. It is sad that the PM is twisting it and depriving socially disadvantaged communities of their due share in education, jobs, and seats of power. Leaders of the INDIA bloc should be wary of the BJP's devious diversionary tactics. We must firm up our commitment to exposing the miserable failures of Modi.” 

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