This Independence Day, the Robin Hood Army wants your attention on hunger

With '#Mission500k', RHA aims to feed five lakh people in India and Pakistan.
 This Independence Day, the Robin Hood Army wants your attention on hunger
This Independence Day, the Robin Hood Army wants your attention on hunger
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As India and Pakistan complete 70 years of independence, the Robin Hood Army wants to draw your attention to a common problem that both India and Pakistan face: hunger.

With ‘#Mission500k’, Robin Hood Army is collaborating with startups, students, corporates and musicians to utilize surplus food at restaurants and feed hungry people in India. The team aims to serve 40,000 people in Mysuru, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad on August 15.

Hunger remains one of the largest unresolved issues in the subcontinent, with over 230 million people unable to secure even two square meals a day. The Robin Hood Army have made it their mission this Independence Day to feed a total of 5,00,000 persons and do their bit.

“We are excited to bring everyone together and see the potential impact of this project. The idea is to get citizens across both countries to be aware and act on our common enemy – hunger,” Neel Ghose, founder of the Robin Hood Army, said in a press release.

“Our teams across Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore are chalking out major plans for the 14th. What we need is not monetary contributions – just the time and compassion of our fellow citizens.” said Sarah Afridi, who set up the RHA in Pakistan.

In collaboration with VH1 and Seagrams, the team has also come up with an anthem called ‘Realign’, which features Farhan Akhtar, Vishal Dadlani, Clinton Cerejo among others to promote their message.

“The Robin Hood Army’s desire to feed half a million people across India and Pakistan this year on their respective Independence Days is an effort I whole heartedly support. I appeal to people everywhere to participate in this incredible initiative to help eradicate hunger and malnutrition. It’s our world. We have to make it better,” Farhan Akhtar said in a release.

With startups like Zomato, Oyo and In shorts in the loop, Robin Hood Army hopes to promote #Mission500k through social media. The startups will also be enabling people to contribute to the project but only in kind, as the mission is not a fund-raising initiative.

Robin Hood Army’s 5,000+ strong volunteer team has fed over 6 lakh people till date. Last Independence Day, they had successfully carried out ‘#Mission100k’, serving one lakh hungry citizens. This year’s mission is an attempt to build on the same. Their volunteers are majorly young working professionals from various spheres who help out in their volunteer in their spare time.     

More information on how you can be a 'Robin Hood' and help here.

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