Human body designed to live for 400 years: Ramdev

According to Ramdev, it's because of our present lifestyle that we cannot live for that long.
Human body designed to live for 400 years: Ramdev
Human body designed to live for 400 years: Ramdev
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Human beings can live for 400 hundred years if not for our present lifestyle and related diseases. At least that's what Ramdev believes.

Speaking at the 12th National Quality Conclave recently, the yoga guru said that we "invite" numerous diseases through our lifestyle and food habits, thus reducing our life span, PTI reported.

"The human body is designed to live for 400 years, but we torture our bodies through excesses of food and lifestyle. We invite high blood pressure, heart ailments and other diseases that lessen its life span and makes it depend on doctors and medicines for the rest of our lives," Ramdev said.

A good quality life, according to him, can be achieved through six hours of sleep, physical exercise for an hour and healthy eating.

According to the report, Ramdev also said that BJP President Amit Shah has lost 38 kg by following a disciplined lifestyle.

"I met Amitbhai yesterday. He has managed to shed 38 kg by having boiled vegetables and soup for dinner and controlling his lunch," he said.

Ramdev's claims, however, are not supported by the scientific community.

A 2016 study by scientists stated that human beings are unlikely to live beyond 125 years, despite advances in medical science.

The Telegraph reported that the "The researchers believe that imperfections in the copying of genes will always mean there is finite limit to human life."

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