Congress: Snooping may be Gujarat model, not India's model

Congress: Snooping may be Gujarat model, not India's model
Congress: Snooping may be Gujarat model, not India's model
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|The News Minute | March 14, 2015 | 1:22 p.m. IST |

The Congress party has strongly condemned the Delhi Police and the Central government over the Rahul Gandhi snooping incident with Abhishek Manu Singhvi saying that “This may be the Gujarat model, not India's model” to news agency ANI.

In recent developments, Youth Congress members are now protesting outside the Home Minister, Rajnath Singh's residence. 

According to reports, the PMO office has reacted and said that the questions being asked were part of a routine enquiry and the BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra has come out and said that the issue should not be politicised.

The police reportedly visited the Congress office last week and asked about party Vice President Rahul Gandhi's physical appearance - his height, colour of eyes and hair.

Earlier after the Congress had raised questions, the Delhi police, however, said it was a routine security enquiry.

Singhvi in a press conference has come out hard on the government saying that “An official from Delhi police HQ was found snooping, making weird inquiries in the vicinity of Cong VP's office”, according to ANI. “When stopped by SPG,it ws found he was trying to fill up per forma with weird questions about Rahul Gandhiji's height, color of eyes,hair” and “The heading under which this man was trying to collect info was 'Rahul Gandhi head of political party”, he added.

The police had earlier denied asking for details about Gandhi's appearance and called it a routine enquiry.

Police said such surveys are conducted at all protected persons' offices from time to time and no personal questions were asked.

The Congress, agitated over Delhi Police's "intrusive" visit to the party office, had demanded a statement from the government on the issue.

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