Bihar Polls: What did all the pre-result surveys predict?

Bihar Elections
Bihar Polls: What did all the pre-result surveys predict?
Bihar Polls: What did all the pre-result surveys predict?
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The results to the high-pitched election to the Bihar Assembly will be out on Sunday. This is what results of exit polls and post-poll surveys conducted by several media houses predicted.


According to NDTV's exit poll, the BJP and its allies will form the new government in Bihar. The exit poll has predicted 120-130 seats, out of the total 243, for BJP in the state and 105-115 seats for the Grand Alliance. While youngsters supported the BJP, the Grand Alliance was supported by women and older voters, the exit poll said.

Today's Chanakya

Today's Chanakya also gave the BJP and its allies an edge in the Bihar elections.In its projection, Today's Chanakya predicted 155 and 80 seats for the BJP-led alliance and the JD(U)-led alliance respectively. The others has been projected to get around 5 seats.


CNN-IBN had announced the "biggest exit poll" for the Bihar elections but did not air the results reportedly because it predicted a landslide victory for Nitish Kumar's Mahagathbandhan.

Huffington Post reported: "According to multiple sources in the channel, it decided to drop the poll due to inadequate explanations that were forthcoming from its polling partner, an agency called Axis APM. Its results forecast very high numbers for the the Nitish Kumar-led Grand Alliance, at 169-183. It said the BJP and its allies would get 58-70 and others would get 3-7."

The channel reportedly later published the results of the exit poll on its website.

Times Now

The Times Now-CVoter exit poll has given the JD(U)-RJD-Congress Grand Alliance 122 seats, with a 42% vote share. 111 seat and a 41% vote share has been predicted for the BJP-led Alliance. "Others" is projected to win 10 seats.


A post-poll survey done by Lokniti-CSDS (not an exit-poll) for The Indian Express also predicted a victory for the Mahagathbandhan.

The Indian Express reported that according to the post-poll survey, the "Mahagathbandhan may end up with roughly 42 per cent of the votes while the NDA would have to lag behind with around 38 per cent votes."

Zee News

The Zee Media in its exit poll has predicted a victory for the BJP-led Alliance with complete majority by giving it 138 seat. It has projected 102 seats for the JDU-led alliance and 3 seats for "others".

India Today

The India Today-Cicero post-poll survey has predicted 113-127 seats for the BJP-led alliance, 111-123 seats for the its rival Grand Alliance.


The ABP-Neilson exit poll has given 108 seats to NDA,130 to the Grand Alliance and 5 to "others".

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