And a photo completes Shourie's 'BJP is Congress plus cow' remark

A Twitter user uploaded this photo
And a photo completes Shourie's 'BJP is  Congress plus cow' remark
And a photo completes Shourie's 'BJP is Congress plus cow' remark
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Senior BJP leader Arun Shourie rather caustically described his party as Congress with a cow, and now, a Bangalorean has added a cheeky twist to it by giving Shourie a photograph to boot.

The Indian Express reported that on Monday, Shourie called the BJP-led government headed by Narendra Modi little more than an extension of the previous UPA government led by the Congress. He was speaking at the release of the book “Turn of the Tortoise” written by former Business Standard Editor-in-chief TN Ninan.

He said: “Doctor Singh (Manmohan Singh) ko log yaad karne lag gaye hain (People have started recalling the days of Manmohan Singh). The way to characterise policies of the government is – Congress plus a cow. Policies are the same.”

Manmohan Singh was actually present at the event.

On Tuesday, Bangaluru resident, armchair thinker and occasional writer Ramesh Srivats tweeted an image that completed the joke. See for yourself:

Apart from calling the BJP little more than an upgraded version of the Congress along with a cow, Arun Shourie had a lot more to say about the way the current dispensation is functioning.

He said: “I feel there was never a weaker a PMO as now.” During the campaign for the last general election, Modi’s supporters often called Singh a weak prime minister. Shourie added that the Modi government was all talk and no action. Shourie said: “there is clearer belief (in the present dispensation) that managing economy means managing the headlines and this is not really going to work”.

In the past too Shourie has been scathing in his criticism of the BJP and senior leaders such as Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and Arun Jaitley, whom he called the party’s “trimurti” which had a monopoly over decision-making.

Shourie also took jibes at Modi over his silence on issues such as the so-called ‘love jihad’ and ‘ghar wapsi’ while being very active on Twitter. 

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