‘Your unconditional love protected me’: Rahul Gandhi writes letter to Wayanad voters

Rahul Gandhi said his commitment will be with the people of both Wayanad and Raebareli forever.
Rahul Gandhi during his visit to tribal settlements in Wayanad
Rahul Gandhi during his visit to tribal settlements in Wayanad
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Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, who is set to relinquish Kerala's Wayanad Lok Sabha seat, wrote a letter on Sunday, June 23, to the people of the constituency telling them of his "sadness" at vacating the seat and being "consoled" that his sister Priyanka Gandhi, who will be the party nominee, will be there to represent them. 

"I hope you are well. You must have seen the sadness in my eyes as I stood in front of the media and told you about my decision," he said in the letter.

"So why am I sad? I met you five years ago. The first time I visited you I came asking for your support. I was a stranger to you and yet you believed in me. You embraced me with unbridled love and affection. It didn't matter which political formation you supported, it didn't matter which community you were from or which religion you believed in or which language you spoke."

"When I faced abuse day after day, your unconditional love protected me. You were my refuge, my home and my family. I never felt for even a moment that you doubted me. I will never forget what I saw during the floods. Family after family who had lost everything. Life, property, friends... all gone and yet not one of you, not even the smallest child had lost your dignity," he said in the letter.

Rahul Gandhi said that he will always "remember the countless flowers and hugs you gave me".

"Each one given with such genuine love and tenderness. How can I ever forget the bravery, beauty and confidence with which young girls would translate my speeches in front of thousands of people? It was truly a joy and an honour to be your voice in Parliament. I am sad but I am consoled because my sister Priyanka will be there to represent you. I am confident that she will do an excellent job of being your MP, if you decide to give her the opportunity.".

He further stated that he has a bond with Raebareli - where he was also elected in the 2024 polls and had been earlier held by his mother and former Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, and his commitment will be with the people of both Wayanad and Rae Bareli forever.

"I will be there for each and every one of you," he said. Rahul Gandhi won his first outing at Wayanad in 2019 by a staggering margin of 4.37 lakh but in the 2024 polls, it came down to 3.64 lakh. Now all eyes are on the margin that Priyanka Gandhi will have as the Congress-led UDF has already announced that they will strive to get her the biggest-ever margin of victory recorded in Kerala.

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