Will act against sexual assault accused CPI(M) MLA PK Sasi, says Achuthanandan
Will act against sexual assault accused CPI(M) MLA PK Sasi, says Achuthanandan

Will act against sexual assault accused CPI(M) MLA PK Sasi, says Achuthanandan

The Chairperson of the Kerala Women’s Commission said the body couldn't file a case against Shornur MLA PK Sasi, saying it hadn’t received a complaint.

Former Chief Minister of Kerala and Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader, VS Achuthanandan, on Thursday, said that strict action would be taken against Shornur MLA PK Sasi, who is alleged to have sexually harassed a DYFI leader.

According to media reports, Achuthanandan is reported to have said that after studying the situation, appropriate measures will be taken. Since it is an issue concerning a woman, strict action can be expected against the MLA, he added.

Earlier, on Wednesday, MC Josephine, the chairperson of the Kerala Women’s Commission, told the media that without receiving any complaint, they cannot file a case against the MLA.

“The Party (CPI[M]) and the Women’s Commission are two different entities. If CPI(M) has received a complaint, they have their own ways of handling the matter,” said Josephine.

The CPI(M) in Kerala had said it will probe the charges of sexual harassment levelled against Shoranur MLA PK Sasi. The complainant, a DYFI leader, reportedly wrote to the party’s state secretary, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, informing him of the charges in the first week of August. But, as no action was taken, she sent her complaint to Brinda Karat.

However, when even this failed to elicit a response, she wrote to Sitaram Yechury, who reportedly ordered the state probe the incident.

In her complaint, she said that the MLA sexually harassed her in the Mannarkkad party office.  

The DYFI leader said that she was not only harassed sexually but he also used to call her up often and speak to her in an innuendo-laden tone.

It has been reported that when the MLA came to know that she was planning to complaint to the party leadership, a hate campaign which was allegedly lead by the MLA along with a few others was unleashed against her.

A woman leader, also a former MLA, along with other DYFI leader allegedly tried coercing her to withdraw her statement. The complaint said that they promised her Rs 1 crore if she withdrew her statement. They also promised to offer high ranks in DYFI as well as in CPI(M).

In her complaint, she also pointed out that she cannot sit inside the party office out of fear of the MLA. She demanded that the party take strict action against the MLA and also ensure her safety.

PK Sasi, who was the area secretary of Mannarkkad, is also a member of the CPI(M) Palakkad district secretariat.

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