‘Vote for those who protect minorities’: Syro Malabar Church head Raphael Thattil

According to a recent report, 161 attacks on Christians were reported from January 1 to March 15 through the United Christian Forum's toll-free number.
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A year after former Syro-Malabar Church head George Alencherry stated that Christians are safe in India, his successor, Raphael Thattil, expressed dismay on Friday, March 23, over attacks against Christians in the country, deeming them "painful." He said that it is imperative for people to vote for those who safeguard the rights of minorities and uphold the constitution of the country.

Thattil's comments came in response to a recent report released by the United Christian Forum (UCF). According to the report, 161 attacks on Christians were reported from January 1 to March 15, 2024, through UCF’s toll-free number. "The reports of these attacks are deeply distressing, especially when we have a robust constitution in place to protect our rights. During our meeting with the Prime Minister, the government assured us of taking action," the bishop informed reporters.

Furthermore, Thattil encouraged individuals to exercise their voting rights responsibly. He said, "While people are free to vote as they choose, I personally advocate for voting in favour of those who protect minorities and the constitution.

"According to UCF data from 2023, over 600 such attacks were recorded against Christians across the country. The report indicates that Chhattisgarh witnessed the highest number of attacks, with Uttar Pradesh ranking second. The UCF has alleged that the attacks in Uttar Pradesh are sponsored by the state.

In an interview with The New Indian Express in April 2023, George Alencherry commented on the concerns about the security of the Christian community in India, stating, "Christians currently do not experience such insecurity. However, some speculate that if the BJP gains absolute power, minorities may face insecurity. But I cannot predict such outcomes."

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