Video shows how SFI activists assaulted a policeman in Kerala

Case filed against 7 SFI activists for assaulting policemen in Kollam.
Video shows how SFI activists assaulted a policeman in Kerala
Video shows how SFI activists assaulted a policeman in Kerala
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A policeman lying on the ground, another trying desperately to protect him even as three to four activists of the Student Federation of India kick him ruthlessly.

A picture from a protest organized by the CPI(M)’s students’ wing SFI in Kerala’s Chavara exposes how the activists assaulted policemen on duty.

SFI activists on Thursday turned violent, after a protest march carried out by them was obstructed by the police.

The Chavara police have registered a case against seven SFI activists for assaulting public servants.

A video of the incident published by Manorama News shows the activists arguing with the policemen, following which, they assault two officers on duty. 

In the scuffle that followed, two officers-ASI Francis Greek and Benedict- sustained minor injuries.

Chavara SI Jayakumar said that no arrests have been made so far.

Reacting to the incident, SFI district secretary Hari Shankar pinned the responsibility solely on the police for the scuffle. 

The students of Government Baby John Memorial College were protesting over the demolition of a compound wall to accommodate road to an individual's plot. 

“The students were carrying out a peaceful protest march under the banner of SFI when the police blocked them. They say that a mock drill by KMML carried out at the time was the reason for blocking the march. The police in fact provoked the activists, without reasoning with them,” Hari said, thereby justifying the attack on the policemen.

Asked whether the SFI's attempt is to justify attacks as a means of self-defense, he instead said that it is the SFI activists who get beaten up by the police. Clarifying that the 7 members against whom cases have been filed will not surrender, he said that the federation would fight the case legally. 

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