Uber Eats employees call off strike in Thiruvananthapuram after assurance

Nearly 2500 employees of Uber Eats delivery partners had been on strike since Friday, making demands to solve the pay cuts.
Uber Eats employees call off strike in Thiruvananthapuram after assurance
Uber Eats employees call off strike in Thiruvananthapuram after assurance
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The strike by Uber Eats delivery partners in Thiruvananthapuram ended after company authorities assured them that their demands will be met. The strike had been going on for three days since last Friday.

The authorities said they have been convinced that the demands are just but would need time to take care of the technical aspects. Time would be needed to solve the issues related to the server. The workers said that the company assured them it would talk to the insurance firm to solve issues regarding insurance.

Problems also included their accounts getting blocked and 'cash trip cuts'. Nearly 2500 employees went on strike, making various demands after talks with the management failed to bring a solution. Following this, Uber's online food delivery in Thiruvananthapuram has been affected. It is in the capital city that the company receives the most number of orders in all of south India.

“The incentives and the peak hours boosting have been slashed drastically,” Shaheer, a delivery executive, earlier told TNM. “The cuts began in July this year, it was a phase by phase process and a drastic cut happened in October. This has reduced our income by 70%. They even charge us Rs 1,300 for the T-shirt and the delivery bag that have Uber Eats’s name on it. It’s like we are carrying Uber’s advertisement with our own money,” he said.

This has resulted in them working for 16 hours in place of the earlier eight, to get the same money, he added.

There are 18,000 Uber delivery executives in Thiruvananthapuram and according to those who were protesting, a section of delivery partners of Swiggy and Zomatto had also stopped working in solidarity.

Calling off the strike on Monday, the strike coordination committee said in a press conference that they believe the assurance given by the authorities and expect the problems to be solved soon. B Reji, Sudarshan, Santhosh, Sirajudeen and Ebin took part in the press meet.

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