Son's post on why he helped defeat his mother, a BJP candidate, goes viral

'My vote helped defeat her'
Son's post on why he helped defeat his mother, a BJP candidate, goes viral
Son's post on why he helped defeat his mother, a BJP candidate, goes viral
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Elections in India sometimes throw up the strangest of stories.

In the 6th ward of Thamarakulam grama panchayat in Kerala's Alappuzha district, the CPI candidate won the elections with 359 votes. BJP candidate Jagadamma came third, with 353 votes. She would have won the elections had she got just 7 votes more. 

But a Facebook post of a voter revelling in the fact that he voted against the BJP candidate, thereby contributing to her loss, has gone viral. What is surprising is that the post was put by none other than Jagadamma's son Rajesh Kumar, a police constable. 

"My mother, who was a BJP candidate in Thamarakkulam panchayat 6th ward has lost. A postal vote against her by her son, a government employee, was also a reason for her failure. I write this with a lot of pain. I am more nationalistic than any 56" man and I am worried about the 126 crore people in my country."

Rajesh later says, "After 15 years of Modi's rule, Gujarat was in 28th position in the primary education index. A large percent of Gujaratis do open defecation. There are no clean cities in Gujarat... Mohan Bhagwat told upper castes 'here is the sword, reservation will end soon and old slaves will be back'. At the same time, Modi told the Ezhavas (lower castes) here, to keep the sword and reservation will continue.”

“They thought they will bring the upper and lower castes together, with this idiotic Utopian dream of a Hindu Rashtra and eliminate the minorities with the same sword given by them."

Rajesh writes, "I am proud that I did not let my love for my mother stop me from doing my duty towards the nation.  My mother was a teacher in my school, but when my mother forgot the national pledge she taught me, I decided to post this to remind people like my mother about that pledge."

He signs off saying, "We are a generation that will have to fight and struggle for a next generation in which men, women and transgenders canl live without any discrimination. To protect a forward thinking, democratic and secular nation like India from religious extremism, we will have to make many sacrifices."

Rajesh's post has been shared many times and though he has not revealed who he voted for, congratulations have been pouring in for him. There is also a remark or two that he would never have been able to post such a comment against parties like the Muslim League or SDPI without facing repercussions.

(The original post was in Malayalam).


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