Shafi Parambil sends legal notice to KK Shailaja, demands apology in 24 hours

The notice stated the allegations were made to tarnish his public image and that the LDF candidate used these allegations for political gain.
Shafi Parambil and KK Shailaja
Shafi Parambil and KK ShailajaFacebook
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Four days ahead of the Lok Sabha election in Kerala, tensions rose between the opposing political fronts in Vadakara constituency, as Congress leader Shafi Parambil sent a legal notice to his opponent and Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader KK Shailaja. On Monday, April 22, Shafi issued a legal notice against Shailaja, demanding the withdrawal of the allegation that she made a few days ago, related to cyber attacks against her. The fight in Vadakara, as in most parts of Kerala, is between the Congress-led United Democratic Front and the Communists-led Left Democratic Front. 

As per reports, Shafi issued the legal notice, demanding a public apology within 24 hours, warning of further legal actions otherwise. The notice stated the allegations of cyber harassment were made to tarnish his public image and for political gain.

On April 20, Shafi alleged that KK Shailaja blamed him for propagating a vulgar and morphed video of her during a press meet. Responding to this, Shailaja said that she only mentioned a vulgar picture, not a video. 

Before that, on April 16, Shailaja lodged a complaint with the Election Commission of India against Shafi Parambil, stating that the cyber attack against her would not have happened without his knowledge. She also alleged during a press meet that her morphed pictures were posted on an Instagram page titled ‘Ente Vadkara KL18’, which contains posts supporting Congress. Shailaja blamed the Congress for circulating a morphed vulgar image with her face in family WhatsApp groups.

However, Shafi Parambil and other Congress leaders denied this allegation. Shafi said that there was a conscious effort to create provocation and urged workers to be more careful while using social media. He also said that these are fake stories, made up for deliberately provoking Congress workers.

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