'RSS doesn’t have to kill writers, it’s the Congress who killed Gauri,' alleges Sasikala Teacher

Known for her controversial speeches, the Hindu Aikya Vedi leader from Kerala is now in a fresh row with her speech on Gauri Lankesh’s murder.
'RSS doesn’t have to kill writers, it’s the Congress who killed Gauri,' alleges Sasikala Teacher
'RSS doesn’t have to kill writers, it’s the Congress who killed Gauri,' alleges Sasikala Teacher
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"One more has fallen, this time in Karnataka. People who read and don't read have come to know about Gauri Lankesh's death. Why? Because if it's Keechakan who died, the murderer has to be RSS,” said controversial right wing leader from Kerala, Sasikala Teacher, at a public event in Kerala on Saturday. In the speech, the Hindu Aikya Vedi leader asked all secular writers in Kerala to conduct a ‘Mrityunjaya Homam’ - a ritual to avoid untimely death. Her tasteless joke has now landed her in a fresh row in the state, with many accusing her of threatening writers.

“It's a congress govt there and the culprit has not been caught, but RSS has been dragged in because she wrote against the RSS,” the Hindu Aikya Vedi leader said, as she went on to defend the RSS.  

“In India, people get recognised as writers only when they write against the RSS. Give me names of writers who don't write against the RSS or Hinduism. They all do, only then will they get recognition, money and awards," she accused.

Sasikala teacher then went on to say that if RSS had gone ahead and killed writers antagonizing the organisation, India would be wiped out of writers. "Ninety out of 100 are against RSS. If RSS started killing them, this race of writers would be wiped out. RSS knows that it becomes stronger every time they write,” she said.

She then went on to credit the liberals for BJP's win saying that people had started to see through their hypocrisy.

Sasikala teacher accused the Congress of murdering Gauri Lankesh and warned that other writers could become political pawns, "We grow as these people criticise us. In fact maybe we should pay them to criticise us more, the RSS is not in dire straits to kill people. But it is the Congress in Karnataka, on the verge of an electoral loss, who wants such a murder. So all my secular writers here (in Kerala), be careful and do a Mrityunjyaya homam."

The speech has set off angry reactions in the state, with many asking for action against Sasikala.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has directed the police to take action after examining the speech. "The attempt to divide people in the name of religion and caste should be viewed with seriousness," he said.

The speech was made at North Paravur, and the Congress legislator from the constituency, VD Satheesan, has now filed a complaint with the DGP against Sasikala.

“Government should take action against Sasikala for this venomous speech,” the MLA urged.

Satheesan then went on to take a dig at the ruling LDF for not taking action.

"It's surprising that the police didn't take action against the speech, which happened in their presence. The lack of seriousness by the police, ruled by Pinarayi Vijayan, shows their RSS appeasement attitude," Satheesan alleged. "When Pinarayi Vijayan gets time, he should look into such things. If he doesn't understand things he can go and ask Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah,” he said.

"If the police police in Kerala allows her to continue her speeches like this, people will think that they have compromised with Sangh Parivar,” he accused.

Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala urged the police to book Sasikala with non-bailable charges for her “hate speech.”

"It’s the government's inaction even after she has been making similar speeches, that gave her courage to make such venomous statements. It's is the inability of the government to act that enables people like Sasikala to make hate speeches in a place like Kerala, where secular values are sacred," Chennithala said.

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