‘Promises from last year still pending’: Opposition to boycott Loka Kerala Sabha

The Loka Kerala Sabha, an assembly of Keralites living across the globe, is held once in two years and is hosted by the state government.
‘Promises from last year still pending’: Opposition to boycott Loka Kerala Sabha
‘Promises from last year still pending’: Opposition to boycott Loka Kerala Sabha
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The Congress-led United Democratic Front has decided to boycott the upcoming Loka Kerala Sabha,  the event held by the state government to bring Keralites living around the globe under one platform. The second edition of Loka Kerala Sabha will be held on January 1.

Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala said that the Non-Resident Keralites (NRKs) who invested in Kerala, had faced bitter experiences, reports ANI. Chennithala also cited incidents where NRKs took their own lives after the projects that they invested their life savings in were not completed.

Chennithala has also alleged that the event does not benefit the NRKs.

"It has turned out to be an extravaganza where the government is spending a huge amount of money. We had extended our full support for the first edition of the event. But none of the decisions taken then have been implemented till now by the LDF government," he said in a press meet on Saturday.

The second edition of the event will have participants from 47 countries apart from delegates from 21 states.

The finance department has allotted Rs 1 crore for the three-day event.

On the second day, the event will discuss the draft bill to pass a law for Loka Kerala Sabha to be made a permanent forum and send a recommendation to the state assembly. 

The first edition of the event, which saw large participation of NRKs and renowned Keralites both from inside as well as outside of the country, was held in January 2018. The event is held once in two years.

In the first edition, it had been decided to constitute a 351-member assembly with elected members of the state to both the Legislative Assembly and the parliament.

Other members will be selected from across the globe where Malayalis reside and one-third of the members will retire each year and they will be replaced with new names. 

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