In north Kerala, LDF makes big gains, NDA’s vote share plunges

The UDF vote share took a hit in 14 seats, compared to their performances in 2016.
CPI(M) workers
CPI(M) workers
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Among the 33 constituencies in northern Kerala districts of Kasaragod, Kannur, Wayanad and Kozhikode, the vote share of the UDF (United Democratic Front) and the NDA (National Democratic Front) has reduced. While NDA’s vote share declined in 22 constituencies, the UDF vote share took a hit in 14 seats, compared to their performances in 2016. Though the LDF (Left Democratic Front) increased its vote share in many places, they ended up losing vote share in five constituencies.

Among the 33 seats, the UDF won 7, while the LDF walked away with 26 seats. The NDA could give a tight fight only in Manjeshwar, where UDF's AKM Ashraf won by over 700 votes.

Nadapuram, Quilandy, Balussery, Beypore, Kunnamangalam, Kasaragod,Koduvally, Kuttiyadi, Vadakara, Sultan Bathery,Kannur, Taliparamba and Payyannur are the constituencies were NDA lost more than 2% of its vote share. In Sulthan Bathery, CK Janu lost more than 7% of her vote share, compared to her performance in 2016. In  Kunnamangalam and Kasaragod too, the alliance lost more than 4%.

The highest increase in vote share for NDA in the Assembly polls was from Kozhikode South, which is about 4%. In Manjeshwar and Azhikode, the vote share increased by 2%. NDA candidate K Surendran had secured 35.88 vote share in 2016, which he increased to 37.7% this time.

UDF lost more than 2% from its 2016 vote share in Udma, Trikaripur, Taliparamba, Azhikode, Dharmadam, Mattannur, Beypore, Kozhikode South, Elathur and Perambra.

The highest loss for UDF was in Kozhikode South where their vote share declined by 10%. In Perambra, there was a decline of 6%, while in Mattanur the vote share eroded by 5%.

The LDF has increased their vote share in 28 constituencies out of 33 in North Kerala.

Many experts believe that many seats in north Kerala which was already a stronghold of the CPI(M), saw a consolidation in favour of the CPI(M). The government’s performance during crises and the daily assurances from the Chief Minister, seems to have won many over. Moreover, these seats which have considerable minority population have also consolidated against Hindutva and soft Hindutva forces.

It is only in a few constituencies that the LDF fared poorly compared to 2016. In Taliparamba constituency, the LDF lost 5% vote share, while the UDF made 8% gain. LDF's Govindan Master, a veteran communist leader from Kannur district could secure only 52.14% votes in Taliparamba, while James Mathew of the LDF secured 57.26%.

Kuttiyadi, Koduvally and Kozhikode North were the other places where LDF saw a decline in their vote share. Though they made strides in places like Vadakara and Sulthan Bathery, the LDF could not win these seats.


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