Malayalam actor Shane Nigam claims that producer threatened him for getting a haircut

Shane Nigam, who's appeared in popular films like 'Ishq' and 'Kumbalangi Nights', made the allegations in an emotional Instagram live video.
Malayalam actor Shane Nigam claims that producer threatened him for getting a haircut
Malayalam actor Shane Nigam claims that producer threatened him for getting a haircut
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Malayalam actor Shane Nigam, who has appeared in popular films like Ishq and Kumbalangi Nights, has made a startling allegation that a film producer has made death threats against him. In an emotional Instagram live video, Shane alleged that Joby George, producer of the film Veyil on which he has been working, has threatened him because his new hairstyle would affect the continuity of the film.

Shane has finished acting in the first schedule of Veyil and had recently got a haircut done for another film Kurbani. As per the allegation raised by Shane, it is for this reason that producer Joby George has made death threats against him.

“I have never appeared in a live video like this before. But this is a pressing situation and that is why I decided to talk to you. Joby George, producer of Veyil which is being made under the banner of Goodwill Productions, has made a death threat against me,” Shane says in the video.

In between, he also appears to be speaking to someone else who's telling him not to do the video. 


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Shane has also filed a complaint about the incident to Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA).

Shane had made the hairstyle change allegedly after consulting the crew of both the film. “But the hair at the back of my head was chopped off a little more than expected. I had uploaded a photo of mine in character look for Kurbani on WhatsApp. Seeing this, Joby George called me over phone and spoke very badly to me saying that the continuity of the film (Veyil) will be lost. This he did without even actually seeing me in person,” Shane has claimed in the complaint he has filed with AMMA.

Shane has also alleged that Joby George threatened him saying he will spread malicious news about Shane in such a way that his career will be ruined.

Also, in the live video, Shane added that he's facing such a situation being the son of late actor Abi Hassan. “This is what I am facing in Malayalam film industry, for being the son of Abikka (actor Abi). I am fed up brothers,” Shane says.

Meanwhile, producer Joby George denied the allegations in a Facebook post. Stating that he's been unwell for the past few days, Joby said, “I am just saying that what you hear is not true and I’m not saying anything till the association of which I am a member responds to it. The truth is with me."

Addressing a press meet, Joby also said that he'd come to know about Shane doing Kurbani at the same time of his film and that he'd given a complaint to the Producers' Association.

"We reached the consensus that Shane should start work on the other film only after finishing certain portions of mine," he told the media.

"First Shane said he will join the film again by October 15. Then he extended it to October 25.  And in between he has cut his hair," Joby alleged. Joby added that Shane had gone "overboard" in alleging that he'd made death threats.

Shane could not be reached for a comment.

Joby George had run previously into controversy when he offered a job to a man who had abused actor Parvathy for pointing out the misogyny in the Mammootty film Kasaba. Joby was the producer of the film.

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