KK Shailaja files complaint with EC against Shafi Parambil over cyber attack

Shailaja said that her morphed pictures were posted on an Instagram page titled ‘Ente Vadkara KL18’, which contains posts supporting Congress.
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KK Shailaja, former health minister of Kerala and ruling Left Democratic Front (LDF)’s Lok Sabha candidate in Vadakara, has alleged that the Congress is resorting to personal attacks against her and spreading misinformation online. She lodged a complaint with the Election Commission of India on Tuesday, April 16 against Vadakara Congress candidate Shafi Parambil. 

Stating that the cyber attack would not happen without the knowledge of Shafi Parambil, Shailaja said the voters will give a reply in the elections and that the incident would come back to haunt them. “I don’t believe that this is happening without the knowledge of the Congress candidate. In the past, he has behaved like an innocent and stated he does not know anything when similar issues have emerged. He should ask those who propagate like this to stop, isn’t that political morality,” she asked.

Shailaja alleged that her morphed pictures were posted on an Instagram page titled ‘Ente Vadkara KL18’, which contains posts supporting Congress. “I am facing such a cyber attack for the first time in my life. They circulated a morphed vulgar image with my face in family WhatsApp groups, but that did not work. All the people, not only of this constituency but of the state, know me. My dressing and behaviour are contradictory to what they circulated. I came to know that there has been criticism within the Congress regarding this act,” she said. 

LDF submitted a complaint on March 27 to the Election Commission against UDF and Shafi Parambil alleging that a morphed photo of Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and KK Shailaja was posted on a Facebook group called ‘Troll Republic TR’ in a ‘vulgar manner’ on March 25. Calling it “abusive, vulgar and sexually coloured remarks,” Valsan, the complainant, demanded action against Shafi and the people who were responsible for posting it.

Shailaja also alleged that the Congress cadre are twisting facts through a picture by stating that she was standing with the accused in the Panoor blast case. “I came to be aware of it after Noufal, the person I took the picture with, called me to say that the picture is being circulated by Congress. Noufal told me that he will file a complaint,” she added.

“Some of the remarks that I made in a TV channel interview were taken out of context and shared in social media. They tried to mislead the people by sharing only a few parts of a speech that I delivered earlier. They are spreading fake news with the logo of Mathrbhumi online,” she alleged.

Following similar complaints in March that UDF used abusive remarks against KK Shailaja, Congress leaders said that the charges were that the former health minister procured PPE kits at high cost during the COVID-19 pandemic, and was involved in corruption.

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