Kerala: Youth Congress slams belief in ‘black magic’ among senior leaders

The criticism came in the backdrop of a video showing KPCC president K Sudhakaran and senior leader and MP Rajmohan Unnithan discussing the effects of ‘witchcraft’ objects found at the former’s residence.
Parliamentarians, Rajmohan Unnithan and K Sudhakaran
Parliamentarians, Rajmohan Unnithan and K Sudhakaran
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Youth Congress leaders in Kerala came out strongly against senior party leaders who have been entangled in a ‘black magic’ controversy. Rahul Mamkootathil, the Youth Congress state president, stated that neither the party nor leaders will benefit from witchcraft. “Only going to the polling booth will benefit the party. When such incidents occur, we should realise what era we are living in,” he said on Saturday, July 6.

Rahul’s statement comes in the backdrop of a video that has emerged showing purported ‘black magic’ objects such as embossed figures, diagrams, and tiny metal sheets being dug out from the residence of K Sudhakaran, Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee president and Kannur MP. The video, which surfaced on Friday, July 5, is reportedly from 18 months ago. In the video, the voices of Sudhakaran and Kasaragod Congress MP Rajmohan Unnithan can be heard. Rajmohan asks Sudhakaran if he felt any weakness in his legs, suggesting that the objects found at his home were intended to cause physical harm. As another person is seen digging out the objects, Sudhakaran is heard saying it is fortunate that he is still alive.

Abin Varkey, another prominent Youth Congress leader, also stressed that the party’s survival hinges on hard work, not witchcraft. “The Indian National Congress is a party that has always advocated scientific temper as a fundamental right. If someone is engaging in such practices, they should remember we are the followers of Jawaharlal Nehru,” he said.

Neither Sudhakaran nor Rajmohan have responded to questions about the video.

This is not the first time that witchcraft allegations have surfaced within the Congress party of north Kerala. On May 15, almost a month after voting for the Lok Sabha elections took place in Kerala, Rajmohan told the media that witchcraft was used to thwart his election bid. He claimed that black magic objects were found at his residence in Kasaragod and at the United Democratic Front’s (UDF) central election committee office. The objects, including small metal sheets with images of body parts, were dug up at different times in March and April from both locations.

Purported ‘black magic’ objects
Purported ‘black magic’ objects

Hinting at divisions within the party, Rajmohan alleged that it was Congress workers themselves who had placed the objects at both places. “It is certain that Marxists (CPIM workers) and BJP members would not come to the election committee office. I will reveal the names of those involved after the elections,” he stated at the time. However, he went on to win the Kasaragod parliamentary constituency by a margin of over one lakh votes, which is more than double the margin he got in 2019.

“He (Rajmohan Unnithan) is an ardent believer in witchcraft and such practices. When he fell sick, he believed it was due to witchcraft. That’s why he brought in someone who performs these practices and that’s when these objects were found in his office premises and house. He believed that the metal pieces with images of body parts were intended to cause him physical harm, and said that after they were removed and prayers were conducted, he felt better,” said a Congress party worker.

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