Kerala police tell HC they have two new audios on Dileep’s conspiracy plan

The Director-General of Prosecution made these submissions while opposing Dileep’s anticipatory bail plea, the verdict in which is expected to be pronounced on February 7.
Dileep in a white shirt
Dileep in a white shirt
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In a fresh development in the conspiracy case against actor Dileep, new audio clips were brought to light before the Kerala High Court on Friday, February 4, with the counsel of the police insisting that the audio clips further implicate Dileep. In one of the audio clips, the Director General of Prosecution TA Shaji told the court, Dileep can be allegedly heard saying the investigating officials should be “killed as a group” and not individually. In another, a voice, allegedly that of Anoop, Dileep’s brother, says that they should be careful and not maintain a list of ‘calls’ — referring to call logs that are stored on the phone. 

A third point raised by the prosecution was about a new witness called Saleem, a non-resident Indian, who came forward with a statement that he too had been threatened by Dileep and another man called Sarath. Sarath is allegedly the 'VIP' mentioned by filmmaker Balachandra Kumar in his revelations. When Saleem refused to withdraw a case against them, Dileep allegedly told him that a plot will be kept ready for him next to the two he had prepared for the investigating officials. 

The Director General of Prosecution made these submissions while opposing Dileep’s anticipatory bail plea, which yet again has been adjourned to Saturday, February 5. Appearing for the Kerala police, DGP TA Shaji said that that the nature and gravity of the accusation and the antecedents of the accused actor should be considered before granting anticipatory bail.

The Director General of Prosecution told the court that the moment new allegations against Dileep came up, he and the other accused changed their phone, which is a ‘strong indicator’ of their involvement in the crime. “Why did they change phones as soon as Balachandra Kumar came into the scene?”

Earlier, filmmaker Balachandra Kumar had released audio clips where a voice, allegedly of Dileep’s, could be heard conspiring to kill the police officers investigating the 2017 actor sexual assault case, in which Dileep has been named as accused number 8. 

In his revelations made in December 2021, Balachandra Kumar claimed that there is evidence, including digital evidence, to prove that Dileep had influenced the witnesses in the 2017 case. He alleged that Dileep had access to visuals of the sexual assault, even before he and his lawyers watched it at the magistrate’s chamber in 2017. The female actor’s sexual assault was recorded on video, and this is a crucial piece of evidence in the case. Balachandra Kumar also released a series of audio clips, pertaining to the actor assault case, and the clips were first aired by ReporterLive. 

Balachandra Kumar had told the media that there was a “VIP” who allegedly showed the video to Dileep beforehand, and that the sound in the video was even enhanced by 20 times at a film studio. While the prosecution has always maintained that Dileep has a copy of the visual of the sexual assault, Dileep’s version has been that he did not contact Pulsar Suni and therefore he never had the visual. Balachandra Kumar has also said that he has in his possession certain audio clips in which a male voice can be heard speaking about the video, the trial, and about influencing a witness.

In one audio clip, a voice, allegedly belonging to Dileep's brother-in-law Suraj, can be heard talking about a conspiracy to murder the investigating official and Deputy Superintendent of Police Baiju Paulose. Paulose is probing the 2017 actor sexual assault case. The clips, released on the channel ReporterLive, has a man who is allegedly Dileep saying, “All five officials, you watch what you’re going to get.” The conversation, allegedly between Suraj and Dileep, took place in November 2017 at the latter's house in Aluva. 

It was after this that the new FIR was registered against Dileep. Dileep moved an anticipatory bail plea shortly after, and the verdict is likely to be pronounced on Monday, February 7.

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