On Independence day, Kerala Cyber Warriors hack 50 Pakistan websites

The same group had hacked 20 Bangladeshi websites in March this year.
On Independence day, Kerala Cyber Warriors hack 50 Pakistan websites
On Independence day, Kerala Cyber Warriors hack 50 Pakistan websites
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Kerala Cyber Warriors, a self-proclaimed group of Indian hackers on Monday claimed that they hacked into 50 Pakistan websites.

A post on their Facebook page says, “Today we come together, Be the cause for the unity, Make it Beautiful day another. Fight against corruption, Spurl the flag of Our Nation. Happy Independence Day!”

All the 50 websites now say:

“Take a stand against evil, corruption and terrorism, for we belong to India. A nation of pride and we will thus say, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, hum sab bhai bhai hain, Happy Independence Day,” on their homepage, with Vande mataram playing in the background.

Senior officials at Kerala Hitech cell of cyber crime police station said that though the activities of the hacker group has been reported by the media in the past, the cyber cell has not carried out any investigation as no formal complaint has ever been filed against them. 

In March this year, the same group had hacked 20 Bangladeshi websites in a bid to get even with a photoshopped image of Bangladesh bowler Taskin Ahmed carrying the severed head of MS Dhoni.

Ahead of Asia cup finals between India and Bangladesh, the photograph posted by a Bangladeshi fan had raked a huge controversy.

The post also lists down all the 50 websites the group hacked on Monday.

1) http://kpptchangu.gov.pk/independence.php
2) http://actmacollege.edu.pk/indipendence.php
3) http://emerson.edu.pk/indipendence.php
4) http://gpighyd.edu.pk/indipendence.php
5) http://www.biseatd.edu.pk/independence.php
6) http://aps.edu.pk/indipendence.php
7) http://www.albaih.com.pk
8) http://www.kurram.pk
9) http://haswani.com.pk/independence.php
10) http://www.trackschool.pk/independence.php
11) http://web-development.pk/independence.php
12) http://software-development.pk/independence.php
13) http://attrayantdesigns.com/independence.php
14) http://gap.org.pk/independence.php
15) http://kakakhelmarketing.pk/indipendence.php
16) http://imexintl.com.pk/indipendence.php
17) http://nbea.org.pk/independence.php
18) http://www.lbspak.com/independence.php
19) http://warningnews.pk/independence.php
20) http://amenterprises.pk/indipendence.php
21) http://altawakkalenterprises.pk/indipendence.php
22) http://soch.net.pk/indipendence.php
23) http://investorsinn.pk/indipendence.php
24) http://www.alphonsocorp.com/
25) http://www.ariverrunsthruit.com/
26) http://alpineint.com/indipendence.php
27) http://dogwoodk.com/indipendence.html
28) http://hkestates.pk/indipendence.php
29) http://esouq.pk/independence.php
30) http://almadar.co/indipendence.php
31) http://5brothersoverseas.com/indipendence.php
32) http://unicon.com.pk/indipendence.php
33) http://calyx.com.pk/indipendence.php
34) http://www.capoeira.com.pk/indipendence.php
35) http://arent.com.pk/indipendence.php
36) http://www.architectureplus.com.pk/indipendence.php
37) http://beyondbattle.com.pk/indipendence.php
38) http://www.akme.com.pk/indipendence.php
39) http://halalshop.pk/indipendence.php
40) http://contractus.pk/indipendence.php
41) http://smartcore.com.pk/indipendence.php
42) http://octopusvpn.com/independence.php
43) http://fmzfiresafety.com/independence.php
44) http://wrongno.pk/indipendence.php
45) http://www.feasiblesolutionpk.com/independence.php
46) http://www.cookawesome.com/independence.php
47) http://nwtlimited.com/independence.php
48) http://webads.pk/independence.php
49) http://synchro.com.pk/independence.php
50) http://britgaspar.com/independence.php

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