A feast in 60 mins: 10-yr-old Kerala girl makes 33 dishes in an hour

Saanvi M Prajit set a record in the Asia Book of Records and the India Book of Records for her culinary talents.
Saanvi Prajit
Saanvi Prajit
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A 10-year-old girl from Ernakulam district of Kerala set a record by cooking 33 dishes in an hour, the maximum number of dishes prepared by a child. Sanvi M Prajit, daughter of Wing Commander of Indian Air Force Prajit Babu and Manjma, who currently resides in Visakhapatnam, earned a place in Asia Book of Records and the India Book of Records for her culinary skills.

The dishes Saanvi prepared included idlis, chicken roast, fried rice, waffles, corn fritters, pancakes, mushroom tikka, uttapam, paneer tikka, bulls-eye eggs, sandwiches and papdi chaat, among many more.

The record was created on August 29. The Asian Book of Records authorities monitored Saanvi’s cooking online. Two gazetted officers were also present when she was cooking the dishes.

The child’s mother Manjma said that Saanvi was interested in cooking ever since she was very young. Manjima was also a finalist in a cooking reality show.

"We come from a family who give a lot of importance to food. That is how we were in our native place Kannur, where food is very much special. Everyone at our home cooks. She used to watch us cooking at a very young age. She grasped them so quickly, it was beyond our imagination," Manjma told TNM.

Until July, Saanvi was not allowed to cook using a gas stove or oven. She usually prepared food using an induction stove. However, her parents were surprised to see that she learned to cook on a gas stove within a month.

"She had put in a lot of effort. It was a trial-and-error process for her. She followed mine, her grandmother's and her grandfather's style of cooking and eventually developed a pattern for herself. It was during the lockdown she learned this art of quick cooking," Manjma added.

Whenever Manjma was away from home, it was Saanvi who helped her father to cook.

"When my husband cooked, she used to correct it. That is when we understood that she was perceiving things efficiently. When she watched us cooking, we never knew that she would do this so seriously. Now she is the one who prepares morning tea at home daily. Everyone loves her tea," Manjma says.

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