DJ parties and a temple festival: Places in Kerala visited by Italian with COVID-19
DJ parties and a temple festival: Places in Kerala visited by Italian with COVID-19

DJ parties and a temple festival: Places in Kerala visited by Italian with COVID-19

The tourist, who is a regular visitor to Varkala, had been in the area for 15 days before he had been isolated.

A map of locations and activities of the Italian tourist who tested positive for COVID-19 and had been staying in Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram district for 15 days, has been released by the Kerala government. The movements of the man were released in an effort to trace all those who may have been affected by the virus. 

On February 26 at 12.35 pm, the passenger was at Marco Polo Airport in Venice. On February 26 at 6.10 pm, he was in Moscow. On February 27, 4.35 am, he landed in Delhi and on the same date, at 10.20 am, he reached Thiruvananthapuram airport. That same day, he was picked up by a driver, who has been identified, around 10.30 am, and arrived at Palan Beach Resort around 11.40 am. One staffer, who interacted with him, has been identified. 

According to the map, one of his travel partners went to a money exchange centre and then to the Darjeeling Cafe at Varkala Cliff. 

Between February 27 and March 12 and 13, the map shows that the traveller visited certain restaurants multiple times. He had breakfast every day at Suprabhatham Restaurant from February 27 to March 13. He had lunch at Abba Restaurant from February 27 to March 12 from around noon to 3 pm. And from February 27 to March 12, he dined at Clafouti Resort around 9 pm. He also visited the Master Art Shop multiple times, where the owner is his friend. 

On February 29, he attended an “off beat” DJ party from 7.30 pm to midnight. He also visited Joshy Super Market at Cliff, though the date of this visit is not clear. He also visited City Medicals, but the time and date is not known. 

On other occasions, he dined at Trattoria Restaurant and attended a DJ party/Kattamaram DJ on unknown dates. 

On March 10, according to the map, he went to GMC Kollam Medical College Hospital, Parippally in an auto with a friend, and also returned to the resort by auto. The auto drivers have not yet been identified.

On March 11, he attended the Kuttikattil Temple Festival for an unknown duration of time.  On March 13, he tested positive COVID-19 and he was shifted to Medical College Hospital, in Thiruvananthapuram by 7.30 pm on the same date. 

Following the confirmation of the Italian tourist, the Thiruvananthapuram district administration had ordered extreme caution in Varkala. The resort where he had been staying was immediately closed, and nine staff members were kept under isolation. Officials had said that the man was a regular visitor to Varkala. 

Two new cases in Kerala were reported on Sunday: A UK national who was under quarantine at a hotel in Munnar but made his way to Kochi airport without informing authorities, and a doctor in Thiruvananthapuram. 

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