BJP leader calls T’puram Mayor Arya Rajendran ‘LKG student’, her reply is viral

BJP councillor Karamana Ajith of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation in a recent Facebook post had mocked the Mayor, calling her ‘an LKG child from AKG Centre.’
Thiruvananthapuram Mayor Arya Rajendran
Thiruvananthapuram Mayor Arya Rajendran
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Thiruvananthapuram Mayor Arya Rajendran, who made news last year after being appointed as one of the youngest leaders to hold the position in the state, is again being lauded on social media. After a BJP councillor wrote a post mocking the Mayor for her age, the video of her response has gone viral on social media. In the post, the councillor had called her ‘an LKG child from AKG Centre’. The AKG Centre is the CPI(M) headquarters in the state. On June 17 (Thursday), during the council meeting held at the Corporation, the 22-year-old Mayor hit back at BJP councillor Karamana Ajith after he reportedly continued to make similar jibes.

Arya Rajendran was 21 years old when she won as the CPI(M) candidate in the local body polls to Thiruvananthapuram Corporation that was held in November-December 2020. In the Facebook post written on June 11, the BJP councillor had written, “Things worth lakhs, which are bought using the tax money of people, are not meant to be destroyed by LKG children of AKG centre, sitting and playing in the Mayor’s chair.” Calling her a ‘mayor child’, councillor Karamana Ajith had further added, “I humbly remind that the Corporation is not a children’s park and that it is a place where people’s money should be responsibly managed.”

Hitting back at the councillor, Mayor Arya said, “Let me tell you something. Since the past six months, there have been many criticisms that you raised..Not only you, anyone in this council can say anything here that is justifiable. Many times all of you have criticised me personally, and otherwise, on my age, maturity,” she said, stating that she has not hit back at anyone for that. “But now, I am forced to tell you this. Today also, some members here passed such remarks. Let me tell you clearly, if I have become a Mayor at this age, I know exactly how to work accordingly and I can tell you with pride that I grew up through such a system,” said Arya Rajendran at the council meeting on June 17.

Despite the constant heckling, Arya did not back down and continued to put forth her points.

She further added, “If I show you the comments of your followers, including those of the younger generation, the slandering comments they post on Facebook and WhatsApp, you will remember that this Mayor is also like ‘sisters and mothers at home’,” Mayor Arya Rajendran said. In the video of the incident, Opposition members can be heard shouting. However, she continued to speak up, asking them strongly to let her complete what she was saying.

She added that whoever, even if people from her party, pass slanderous comments against a woman, it is bad. “Whoever insults a woman, it is bad. Even if that is by calling them an LKG child or by naming them as was seen here, you should understand first that you will only get back what you give,” the Mayor said, adding that no one should personally insult anyone inside the council.

Watch: What Mayor Arya Rajendran said

The video of her response is now being shared widely on social media with many lauding her for voicing out strongly against the jibe.

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