After 11 years, Nimisha Priya’s mother meets her in Yemen jail

Nimisha Priya, a nurse from Palakkad, has been facing the death penalty after being convicted of murdering a Yemen citizen in 2017.
Nimisha Priya
Nimisha Priya
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After 11 long years, Nimisha Priya, a Keralite who has been facing the death penalty in Yemen, met her mother Prema Kumari on Wednesday, April 24. Prema Kumari sought permission from the Delhi High Court to travel to Yemen in December last year. The Yemen jail authorities allowed them to spend more time than customary. Nimisha Priya, a medical nurse from Palakkad, was found guilty of murdering the Yemen citizen Talal Abdo Mahdi in 2017.

Prema Kumari went to Yemen not only to meet her daughter but also to initiate the procedure to request the withdrawal of the death penalty awarded to Nimisha. She will also try to negotiate with the deceased's family regarding blood money. However, all those procedures can only be accomplished after a discussion with the tribal leaders of the deceased’s person's community. That will most likely be done by tomorrow.

Fifty-seven-year-old Prema Kumari boarded the flight to Yemen from Mumbai on April 20, along with Samuel Jerome Bhaskaran, a member of the Save Nimisha Priya International Action Council, which took the initiative to crowdfund the blood money.

Prema Kumari along with Samuel Jerome Bhaskaran
Prema Kumari along with Samuel Jerome Bhaskaran

At 2.30 pm IST, they reached the jail and met Nimisha.

Nimisha Priya was settled in Yaman along with her husband and daughter. In 2014, her husband and daughter returned to India due to a financial crisis and she decided to carry out her work in Yemen. In 2015, she started to operate a hospital with the help of Talal Abdo Mahdi, her husband’s friend, as a Yemen citizen’s assistance is mandatory to operate a business in Yemen.

After their relationship deteriorated, Nimisha gave him a sedative injection in 2017 so as to get her passport, which he had taken from her to make sure she would not return home. Following the injection, he collapsed and died. Then, with the help of a colleague, she disposed of the body in a water tank. However, the residents discovered this and informed the police. In August 2017, she was taken into custody.

Nimisha Priya
He tortured me for 2 yrs: Indian woman on death row for murder in Yemen seeks help

In November 2023, the Supreme Court of Yemen dismissed an appeal against the death sentence of Nimisha Priya.

Indian citizens had been given a travel ban to Yemen in 2017. On December 12, the Delhi HC granted her permission to travel at her own risk, with no liability to the Union government and the Kerala government.

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