41-year-old Kerala woman arrested for allegedly killing mother-in-law

According to the police, constant fights between the two led the accused woman to commit the crime.
41-year-old Kerala woman arrested for allegedly killing mother-in-law
41-year-old Kerala woman arrested for allegedly killing mother-in-law
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A 41-year-old woman in Kerala’s Kollam district has been booked for allegedly killing her mother-in-law earlier this month. According to the police, the woman, Giritha, allegedly killed 66-year-old Remani Amma on December 11. The police said that the woman carried out the crime because she was fed up by the constant nagging and allegations by her mother-in-law that she had extra-marital affairs.

According to the police, Giritha carried out the crime while Remani was asleep in the afternoon. She allegedly hit Remani on the head using a large stone that was used to wash clothes on. Giritha had allegedly kept the stone inside a bag to hit Remani’s head. There was nobody but Giritha and Remani at home when the attack took place.

The police stated that Giritha confessed that she had committed the crime when the police took her to the crime spot for evidence collection on Tuesday, December 24. Giritha added that the reason behind the crime was her consistent fights with Remani.

Giritha is married to Remani's son Bimal Kumar, who works as a conductor of Kerala State Road Transport Corporation. The couple has two children. The family hails from Puthoor in the outskirts of Kollam district.

“Giritha and Remani had been sparring for 17 years. Remani would say that Giritha had an extra-marital affair with someone. The two women used to cook separately in the same house. In 2015, Giritha had gone to Wayanad with her husband when he got transferred to there and then, things were fine, until they came back," Puthoor Police Station House Officer Ratheesh Kumar told TNM.

Bimal Kumar and Giritha moved back to Puthoor after the construction of their new house completed earlier this year.

"The house warming was held in May 2019 after which Giritha, with her two children, shifted back to Puthoor. The fights with Remani started again. Remani used to tell her that she came to know about the Giritha’s extra-marital relationship with someone else. Giritha’s statement is that Remani used to tell this in front of her children too,” Ratheesh Kumar said. 

Soon after the crime, Giritha was taken into custody and was sent to judicial custody for 14 days.

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